Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finished at last!

This term, at least. My presentation and my final exam were on Monday, and they both went swimmingly. I installed a solid state hard drive on my computer and put Windows 7 on it. Wow. SSDs are amazing. They're eerily silent. The only thing I hear from my computer is the fan running.

Because I am temporarily without responsibilities, I finally took Jamie up on his offer of going to Bo'diddley's for wing Wednesday. I really wish I had gone sooner, a plate of ten wings is, like, $4.50. That's crazy! They get mad at you if you order a water though. Too bad, Bo.

Saw James Cameron's Avatar on Friday. In *sigh* 3-D. 3D is pointless. 3D is the OPPOSITE of immersion. Like when it doesn't work, and there's an out of focus branch that is looming a bit closer to me. Or when it does work and the computer terminals look 3D is just makes me think of a corny Disneyland ride. And I'm paying an extra $3 for the privilege.

But how was the movie, eh? Did it revolutionize film making for years to come? I hope not. I hope that 3D dies the same horrible death that it died in the 50s and 80s. But was it an enjoyable movie? Indeed it was. The CG was flawless, and the action choreography will blow your effing mind in the last forty five minutes.

Now, I don't mind it when a sci-fi movie adheres to the classic tropes, but there was actually one instance where they literally quoted from the sci-fi action cliché handbook. It's early on, watch it, you'll know it when you see it. It was something along the lines of "So you're a marine with no scientific background that signed up for this delicate mission just to see what would happen?" Really, James Cameron? Really? You spend $500 million on this movie and that's the best dialogue you can come up with?

It's a strictly utilitarian script that doesn't challenge or surprise you in any way, but it does it with such panache that you don't mind it at all. Avatar is recommended.

Christmas is Coming

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It was so cold this week...

How cold was it?

It was so cold that when I drove to school, Morgan Freeman narrated my entire commute!


Word on the street is that the Edmonton International Airport recorded a -59 degrees Celsius (with windchill) this week. Second coldest place on Earth, apparently. Nice. Real nice. And my car still starts through it. Good girl, Hoth.

And on an unrelated note:

Handed in and completed almost all my assignments now. The only thing left is to present our documentary in class and take my Web Writing final. Almost there...

Saw Fantastic Mr Fox. Really good show. Recommended if you have a sense of humour.

On Friday Beth and I went to Janice's for latkes, in Chonour of Chanukka. Here is how you make crispy, brown latkes:

After that we went to the Rolfson's for an Edmonton family Christmas snackstravaganza. I have come to the point that if I do not bring Cheetos to family gatherings, I disappoint. This pleases me greatly.

Spent most of Saturday working on my Documentary. It finally turned into something that I'm not embarrassed to show the world. I had a great group to work with, so hopefully our nutty diabetes jokes will make sense to other people in class that we're presenting to.

Today we had an amazing Christmas dinner with everyone here at the house. Turkey, stuffing, garlic potatoes, and I finally redeemed myself on the yam front. I had a different recipe this time (which called for abhorrent, Paula Deen levels of butter) and didn't try to broil marshmallows. The end result was very tasty, and very greasy. So... much... butter. It had a candied pecan topping and lots of brown sugar. I think I'll cut the butter in half next time.


Maury Povich: Still The most Horrible Man Alive

This one is pretty depressing. Watch the progress of the recessions by county!

Now we're all sad. Let's have some 5 Second Films to liven things up!


Family Arcade

Professional Opinion

Sunday, December 6, 2009

City Eaten by Blizzard - City Officials Not Concerned

It's December!

People have been saying that my blogs are hard to read, and that's probably because I've got so many videos linked. I'm going to switch to the format where it only posts the first paragraph on the main page, so that will mean more clicking for some people. Let's see if that fixes things up.

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I'm barely getting this one out as it is. All of my year end projects are wrapping up so I'm just trying to keep my head above water at this point.

As everybody knows at this point, Edmonton has received a winter's worth of snowfall in a day and a half, and I've spent approximately two hours of my life digging my car out of the road. It's insane. It took the city two days before they started plowing.

My harrowing tale comes from Friday morning. I left for school about twenty minutes earlier than I usually do and I was still late. I was turning right up 105 St from 97 Ave downtown. You know, that steep hill? Well, we're crawling along up the hill and I notice that my car starts veering to the right. A few quick adjustments put me back on the path, but then I start to notice everyone around me. There are cars to the left and right of the road that have slid off and are stuck. There's no going backwards on this hill, and the only possible escape route is right on 98th street, and some guy decided that he would stop his Trailblazer in the middle of the road, completely blocking it.

So here I am crawling up this hill behind a guy that can't go over 3 kph. Every time I stop I start sliding backwards, so I have to keep up a pace that fast enough to not crash into the guy behind me and slow enough to not crash into the guy in front of me. It was about five minutes of terror (in Edmonton's pitch black 7:30 AM) until we finally cleared the stranded cars on either side and I had enough room to pass him. Because my car survived this feat, I finally bestowed a name to her. Henceforth and forevermore my Mazda3 shall be known as Hoth.

Now I've got snow tires on my car. Best $700 I've ever spent. You can feel the difference immediately.

Homework wise, I've finished all but three of my major projects. My Web Writing presentation will be done tomorrow, my magazine article will be done Wednesday, and my Documentary final will be done the Monday after next on the same day as my Web Writing Final exam.

Wow, I am so sick of homework.

So you want movies?

Surprised kitty

Everyone has seen it by now, but it still fills me with sunshine and rainbows.

Deathmetal Grindcore Baby

Don't worry, they edited in the music later. But may the kid learned to sing metal from this thing...

I may be the only person in my family that gets that last one.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Dark Weekend for Nerds Everywhere

Sigh. Twilight beat Dark Knight for Friday opening and single day sales. You win this round, women, but the nerds will have their comeuppance.

On Monday my group in the documentary class filmed our interviews. Our premise is that we're ghost hunters asking people if they feel safe at the school. I'm editing it, and that's fun, because right now it's the only project that I'm working on that doesn't make me want to take a hammer to my skull.

We did tie dying on Monday night for FHE. I did socks. I'm not sure how they turned out because I forgot about them until now and they're still in a plastic bag in my room somewhere.

I saw 2012. It's like Independence Day but instead of fighting humans they're trying to outsmart God. Pretty much every expectation that you would have about this movie is true, but what was great about it was just how faithfully it adhered to every single disaster movie cliché. If you want to see it, see it in theatres. It's a crazy spectacle that is meant to be enjoyed loud and obnoxiously.

Movie time!

Maury Povitch, the most horrible man alive:

The Breakup

Little Ben: Monster Hunter

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Secret Origins of OM NOM NOM NOM

Nothing major to report this week. I did go to Old Navy to buy clothes all by myself. No sister or anything. I was standing by the racks holding two shirts together for about twenty minutes. I just kept staring at them, trying to figure out if they “match” or not. All I could see in my mind was Janice giving a dissaproving glare and saying “Danny, really?” Fortunately I caught her on Skype and got her permission to wear my new clothes outside.

I saw Astro Boy on Tuesday. I'd give it a soft recommendation. It was funny enough, and had a passable pace to it. Could have been punchier.

You know it's Christmas time when you spot eggnog on the shelves! At SuperStore they had a giant pile of bottles of chocolate eggnog right at the impulse-buy area, so I had to pick on up. It tastes... interesting. Like regular eggnog but if you threw in a few packets of the chocolate instant breakfast powder. I like it. I bought it yesterday afternoon. Any bets as to how long it will take me to finish it?

Videos! These ones are much longer than usual.

Ironic cartoon about capitalism

and now the furious purple arm of the state owns those car companies. D'oh!

Here's an interesting project that came out of the UK.

I actually went and bought that song on iTunes. It's just so darned catchy. I hate myself for enjoying it.

Interview with a Cookie Monster! Celebrating 40 years of lowering children's attention spans.

And of course...

Skimboarding Scheme

The Nose Collector

Monday, November 9, 2009

CFT. There is no cure.

It just had to be one of my busiest weeks that my computer finally decides to stop playing nice. I had to reinstall Windows Vista just to get the stupid thing to start working again. Fortunately I back-up a lot, and I use Google Docs for all of my homework now. So I lost half a day for homework time, and I'm starting to feel swamped.

I went to the annual family chocolate dipping reunion. This is the first one I've been to in two years, and I was doing a new flavour, "peanut butter truffle." We were extra cautious about H1N1, so there were gloves and masks for everyone that wanted them. I'm a chronic face toucher (my own face, not other people's faces, that would be weird) so I figured I would wear the mask all day. Better safe than SARS. Remember SARS? No? Meh. Anyway, I ended up working on that particular batch for two and a half hours. Took a bit longer than expected.

Have you ever been working on a project really hard, and then at a certain point just hated it so much that you couldn't even look at it anymore, and then say “screw it,” shut your eyes really hard, print it out, and hand it in? I did that last week. Got 93% on it.

Have you ever been working on a project, and at a certain point decide that this is going to be the project that sets the bar for the rest of the year, and start putting in a lot of extra effort, take a bus to two different libraries to finds books to cite your sources, finish it a day early so you can make a second draft, and hand it in with the satisfaction of a job well done? I did that the week before last. Got 62% on it.

The lesson is, never try.


Real life super villain in training

Secret Admirer

Alternative Methods of Termination

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have a very PG Halloween!

Had our Halloween FHE tonight. I was the first person there to wear a costume and that was AWK-WARD at first, but by the end of the night there were about 10 people with costumes on. There was pizza and caramel apples, so I took a piece of pizza to the caramel apples station and made a caramel pizza. Because I can't eat raw apples. I really should have taken a picture of it.

My costume was pretty lame because I was a cowboy without a decent cowboy hat. SO I went to Wal-Mart to hopefully find a cheap hat, but instead found a bandit (Zorro) mask/hat combo. The hat reminded me of and old-timey preacher, and there was a skull necklace there that got me thinking. If my cowboy costume is lame, I'll just paint my face as a skull and go as a cursed preacher, or demon vicar or something. So I bought a black shirt at Value Village to complete the ensemble. I bought about four times as much face paint as I thought I would need because I'd rather have too much than run out halfway through. So here's what I came up with:

On Friday morning I got up at six to shower/shave/do the face paint, and I was still ten minutes late for class. I did make a pretty good entrance, though. The teacher had seen Zombieland earlier in the week and I totally freaked her out upon my sudden entrance. Got my picture taken at the photo studio for the costume contest, but there were some really good ones out there. There was a Bumblebee (from the new Transformers movie) and a really good Strong Bad Holding A Trogdor Picture. I voted for Strong Bad.

At the stake dance that night there were some pretty good costumes. Bethany was a lobster. I managed to scare/irritate a few people with my eyes closed trick. Basically I stand behind a person I know, say their name, and then when they turn around I keep my eyes closed and just stare at them for a moment. In the low light it looks like a real mask, and it's especially eerie when I open my eyes. People really couldn't recognize me with my face paint on.

Here's Beth, Janice, and I:

Yes I have my glasses on. Yes I'm a dork.

Also, my computer decided to revolt this afternoon. It stopped accepting my password to get into my administrator account. Very odd. I kept putting it in over and over again, but it didn't work until I turned my computer off, left the house for a few hours, and came back and tried it again. Man, I really need to upgrade to Windows 7, giant burger or not.

Video time! And it's Halloween themed!

Math is only fun when this sort of thing happens:

Batman sightings continue in France...

And I would be remiss if I didn't include at least one 5 Second Film:

4 Years Awesome Luck

The Stepdaughter

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Moments in Awkward

Windows 7 releases this week! Did you attend a Windows 7 release party? Did you eat an official Windows 7 seven patty whopper?

Me neither.

On Monday night I was at the Whyte Ave Chapel and I saw a guy I knew from my mission. He was from Spanish Fork, and it's not unheard of for us to get visitors/students from Idaho/Utah. So I notice him, he notices me, and we exchange a big old grin. I look astonished (not expecting to see him) and say, “Wow! It's been a while! How are ya? What are you doing up here?” Hey responds, “Hey Dan, I'm just up visiting. Did you serve a mission?” Record player skipping. Wait, this isn't the guy from my mission. But he knows my name is is happy to see me. “Yeah. Yeah, I served a mission.” ABORT! ABORT! “Well good to see you!” There probably was some crafty way to figure out exactly who he was, but I panicked and ran away. Sigh.

Thursday was a bit of a headache. So far this year I've been keeping up with my assignments fairly well, but unfortunately one slipped by me last week. Come Thursday I realize that it's due Friday, so I spend all afternoon working on it, and then had a night class, and then spent until one in the morning working on the first draft. Then I get up at six to revise that draft, skipping both showering and eating to get to school on time Friday morning. Well I arrive at school only to see everyone standing around outside. Apparently there was a grease fire in the cafeteria in the basement. There wasn't any major damage, but we had to wait outside until the fire department cleared most of the smoke out. So we're finally allowed into the building an hour and a half later, and it smells of burnt bacon. Also, 8:00 AM classes were canceled, and I couldn't find the prof to hand my assignment in. So I got to enjoy all the stress of getting no sleep to get an assignment in without any of the closure of actually handing the stupid thing in. And I had a class at 11:00 AM that I didn't want to skip, so I couldn't just call it a day right then and there.

Has anyone else here in Edmonton tried the "Chicago Deep Dish Pizza" here? It's a bit more expensive than other pizza places, but you get a LOT more pizza for your money. The pizzas are square and cut into sixteen pieces, so it's convenient for a party of four to split one. It's the same genus as Pizza Hut pizza (crispy greasy), and I'd definitely recommend it.

Videos! I am obsessed with these 5SFs. Here's the “Irrisponsible” trilogy.

Irresponsible Uncle

Irresponsibler Uncle

Irresponsible Tío

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone was jealous of Warcraft Mana drinks

Weird Crap of the week: You know how some music sounds like screeching parrots? Good people of Earth, there is a death metal band whose lead singer is, I kid you not, a parrot. And they have a myspace page. I present to you, Hatebeak. Oh yes, this is a joke. But I'm not sure if they themselves know that they're a joke.

EVEN MORE weird crap: I never thought that I could find a product that completely encapsulated my high school experience. But here we are:

I have a bizarrely strong urge to play Magic the Gathering and drink Jones Soda. But then I remember that I stink at Magic and I don't really drink soda anymore. Ah, those were simpler times.

But enough weird crap. This week I bought some totally kickin' sweaters at Old Navy. Argyle all the way, man. I also bought new pants and finally a new belt. I normally don't wear anything other than five year old t-shirts, but since Janice came along and helped me pick things out I think I made some good fashion decisions. Mostly I just looked at what the best mannequins were wearing and went with that.

Had a sad moment when I was going through my DVDs. I was trying to recommend Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis to James so I made a smooth wave of my hand over towards my DVD shelf. My plan was to say “Have you ever seen-” and then draw out the word “seen” until my hand rested on the DVD, and deftly remove it and display the box as I said “Metropolis?”. Just like a cool person would, you know? But my hand deftly crossed over my shelf the third time and my “seeeeeeen” was beginning to peter out, I came to the realization that my DVD wasn't there. I've moved three times in three years, and it's been that long since I've seen it. Hopefully it's still at my parents house somewhere. That's a really good movie.

KEANU REEVES and teddy bears

Huge Pizza

Oldest Trick in the Stove

Court Date

Hey, how does this format work for everyone that reads this? I could use your feedback. Just click that thing below that says "0 Comments" and leave a comment. kthxbye

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeling... Blue?

The first Edmonton snowfall was this week. So goodbye to being outside without a jacket and not having to brush off your car every time you want to go someplace.

Saw Blue Man Group with dad on Friday night. That was a pretty good experience. It was at Rexhall place, which is normally a hockey rink. Our seats were along the wider side of the oval, so we were sitting perpendicular to the stage. We had to sit sideways and turn our necks to see the stage, but about halfway through the performance two of the Blue Men walked along both sides of the oval doing a “pump up the crowd” bit. So I was about four feet away from one of the Blue Men, and that was pretty cool.

Now that it's winterish, my pesticide applicator job is done. Seeing as how I don't have that for exercise anymore, I decided to start working out again. I did some (very) light weights and crunches and stuff, and got that whole “every muscle I tried to exercise feels like it is going to fall off” feeling. Especially my abdomen. For all of Friday every times I sneezed it would send a shockwave of pain through my body from my rapidly contracting abdominal muscles. It seems to have gotten better by now though. Ow.

I think I've found my niche in family dinner gatherings. So far I've brought Cheetos to two gatherings and they've been a smash hit. It's odd. I mean, my aunt made this spectacular ham. That thing must have been cooking for hours because it smelled amazing and it was very tender and moist. It was like the meat equivalent of eating raw cookie dough. But even with all this stuff that people put hard work into, folks just kept saying "Hey, Cheetos!" and "nice, who brought Cheetos?" Are Cheetos something that my extended family likes, but just doesn't really buy that often? I'm going to Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, and I already have two requests for to bring Cheetos again. And one request to bring Old Dutch Popcorn Twists.

Video Time!

I think I posted this one before, but this is a much better quality and there's about ten seconds extra on the end.

I need to keep better track of the things I post because I can't remember if I posted this one either. Oh well, it's still good.

This is like that scene in Jurassic Park 2 but with turkeys.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Oh my gosh! Layout change! Hopefully this will fix those chopping problems it's been having. I'll colour it better later.

A rather eventful week. I forgot to mention last week that the college that I attend has been upgraded to university status. That's correct! I have moved up a rung on the educational achievement scale. Grant MacEwan College is now MacEwan University. Now I can select “university” when checking off “highest educational level” on job and credit card applications. The universities aren't happy about the change, because they feel that it's lowering the value of universities, but MacEwan is happy because screw those other guys. Mac U, baby! *wicked sweet electric guitar wail*

Changed phone providers over to a plan with Bell. I was using pay and talk with Telus, but I know a guy at Bell and he got me a decent deal. To get my phone number transferred from Telus I needed my account number, but didn't know it off the top of my head. So I was standing in the Bell store for about fifteen minutes trying to get a person from my Telus phone to tell me what my number was. After I got it she said something like “Are you aware of our something something deal?” And I said, “no, but that's all I need today, thanks.” And then she didn't stop talking about the something something deal. Being naturally polite I kept waiting for a good place to say good “no thank you, goodby” but it just never came. Then I finally realized I don't need anything from Telus anymore, so I interrupted her and said “well, that's all I need, goodbye” and hung up. Have you ever just hung up on a telemarketer? Man, it feels good because screw those guys.

Saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Saturday night. The movie was surprisingly good, except for the fact that it was only available in 3D. Anyone who remembers my review of Up! may recall that I'm of the opinion that whoever resurrected 3D for this decade should be dragged into the street and shot, but not until he gives me the eight dollars that he's charged me to watch this stupid, pointless, non-effect. Maybe once every twenty minutes something would sort of loom out of the screen at you, but it's PATHETIC.

So I'd definitely recommend the movie. Just make sure you go to a theater where you don't have to pay an extra four bucks because screw those guys.

Enjoyed General Conference. Can't really remember any highlights, but I did miss the first 15 minutes of the Sunday afternoon session due to internet issues, so for all I know somebody rode in on a motorcycle. That would be awesome.
After conference we had a bunch of people over at our house to make a big Sunday dinner. Angela brought a big old yam, so we worked on making candied yams. She cut it up and I prepared according to a recipe I found on Unfortunately, after an hour or so of work, I messed up the final step. I put the marshmallows on and then put them in the oven to broil for a minute, but when I came back the entire thing was on fire. Apparently marshmallows brown rather quickly. Fortunately, the fire extinguisher that mom and dad got me for Christmas when I moved out (five years ago!) is always faithfully kept by the stove, and it works! Unfortunately the powder from the extinguisher, while non-toxic, does not taste very good. Sigh.

So the yams were a wash and I ended the evening hating myself, but every other course (roast, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, buns) went off without a hitch. And somebody brought those mint Girl Guide cookies, so rock on. We hung out and chatted for the rest of the evening, and that's why this update is going up at 1:00 AM. Fortunately, no assignments are due tomorrow. Yay!

Here are three hits from 5Secondfilms. Funny stuff.

Just another Monday

Bottles for Breakfast

Domestic Disturbance

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whoops, looks like I forgot to post last week. Nothing much is going on around here, but classes are going well. I've been working on a pitch for my documentary project and I've come up with diddly squat. When you are a nerd with absolutely no social conscience it's hard to think of a gripping documentary outline. In fact, I'm working on five projects for five classes and right now I've got the most furious writer's block imaginable. I can't even finish this update. I *know* that something interesting happened in the last two weeks but I can't even remember it. I need to take more notes during the day.

I swear I'll make it up by getting back to more regular updates. With actual meaningful content. Really!

Stormtroopers remember that day

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

The Changeling from 5 Second Films

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movies that are numbers

My first three classes went well this week. In each of them there is no final exam (yay!) but they all consist of large projects that we begin immediately (holy snorks!). My other two classes would have started on Monday, but that's Labor Day-bor. So they'll star tomorrow.

I also spent a good portion of the week fuming at Edmonton Transit. I thought I had a perfect bus route figured out, as the route 112 bus is only a block from my house and goes directly to City Center Campus. Unfortunately, it stops running at 6 PM ish, so I had to improvise my way home. That meant walking a few blocks to the LRT, taking route 4 to Bonnie Doon Mall, and walking from there. That took about an hour and a half. Upon investigating my other options, I found that the route 8 bus goes right from downtown to Bonnie Doon. Also, the bus I take to my morning classes only runs every half hour, and it arrives at the Jasper Place campus at either 7:31 or 8:01. So I'm either late for class or a half hour early. Weak.

Wow, that's a lame story. Here's another one: our refrigerator decided to take another day and a half off. It's in a freakin' union or something. Fortunately it's back to working order, but I still don't trust it.

Watched “9” on opening night with a bunch of people. It's a decent enough movie. Very cool visuals, but very thin on plot and character. Thinking about seeing it? Well, it was based on a short film of the same name, featured here:

If you enjoyed that and would like to watch it six times in a row with a much larger budget, then the movie is definitely for you. I enjoyed it enough that I'd consider getting it on DVD if it had really good extras. Maybe I'll do a full review later in the week.

More move-ins were announced at church today. The ward is still around 65% female.

For your videos, cats in bathtubs!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's Raspberry Adéu

Summer work has come to a close. I finished my last full week and have successfully registered in classes at Grant MacEwan. Well, the dumb WebAdvisor says I don't have the prerequisites for one course but I totally do, so whatever. It took about four hours but I finally finished my registration. As for work, I've got Tuesday's without school, so I'll be working one day a week until work runs out for the winter.

I'll miss making money. I will not miss getting up at 4:30, getting home at 5:00, and then going to bed at 9:00.

A few good things happened at work last week. We were spraying by the woods in Spruce Grove and I found wild raspberries! Raspberries yeeeeah! And when I was sparying a condo there was a branch of raspberries growing out from a fence. Someone must have a raspberry bush on the other side of the fence and there were a few dried up ones on the ground, so they were totally fair game. Two raspberry bushes in two weeks! Yeeeeeah!

I also discovered the most wretched smell on Earth. We were spraying Northern Alberta Processing, which apparently is some sort of animal product recycling center. It was like burnt bacon and hairspray, and it was EVERYWHERE.

It was our first week after we changed times and locations in our ward. A lot of people came up and introduced themselves to me. They ask how long I've been in the ward and when I say “four months” they seem sort of ashamed. They feel bad that they haven't noticed me, but I'm flattered that I've managed to stay hidden this long. You see, nobody wants to introduce themselves to a person in a month that isn't September. Most shy/fragile people take a lot of offense if someone introduces themselves to a person after the three week mark. And since nobody wants to offend anybody, most people just don't bother introducing themselves to a person because the risk of offending them is too high. But since it's September and there are about forty new faces (thirty two of them female, nice ratio) people are more willing to believe that I just moved into the ward, and reckon that's why they only just now noticed me.

Oh shoot. I just realized that I missed about seven chances to introduce my self as “Dan Tastic” today.

And heerz yer vidz.

Edit: I can't get this stupid free blog to stop cutting off videos and pictures. Any suggestions?

Facebook Flirting: Well all look. Admit it.

High speed response robot hand. Imagine it has a knife instead of a pen and a grenade instead of a tennis ball and boom; Skynet.

And a picture.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't see Ponyo it's stupid and boring

Fairly straightforward, uneventful week. Of interest was the company baseball game on Saturday. We played against Kentucky Blue Grass, our biggest customer. I played catcher, which is a fairly low-pressure position to play in slow pitch. It involved very little running, which is a good thing for me.

I finally bought my netbook, which I plan to use for school. I'm always paranoid when I make big purchases, because something ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS and by ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS goes wrong with it. With my old computer, it didn't have an adequate power supply. With my current computer, the audio jacks in the back don't work. On my car, the gas cap is defective. Stuff like that. So I buy the netbook, an Asus Eee PC 1005HA, and set it up on the home network in 35 easy steps in a few hours. Everything is working fine, so I'm really waiting for the hammer to drop. It drops not. I have the battery charging all night, and the next day I go to test it out upstairs, and it doesn't turn on. Oh ho ho, there's the problem. My new netbook doesn't turn on when it's not plugged into the wall. Sorta defeats the purpose of portable computing. I take it back to Memory Express, and the guy has never seen a problem like that before, so he just gives me a whole new one.

Now that my “what will go wrong with my new purchase?” anxiety is out of the way, I'm a lot less edgy. Plus you can play StarCraft without a CD ever since version 1.15, which is awesome. Now I can play StarCraft upstairs, giving the impression that I'm sociable.

I saw “Ponyo” on Friday, because I had the luxury of not waking up at 4:30 on Saturday. I had pretty high expectations going in because this was an anime by Hayao Miyazaki, whose style ranges from the fun and lighthearted “Spirited Away” or “Castle in the Sky” to the brutally real “Grave of the Fireflies” to the fantastically violent “Princess Mononoke.” All I can say is... wow, this is easily the slowest, most pointless movie I've seen in my life. Imagine taking a 15 page story book aimed at a five-year-old audience and stretching it out to an hour and forty minutes. Oh, forty of those minutes are characters, and I'm not exaggerating here, staring at each other or making pleasant small talk with senior citizens or nursing mothers. And that's not nearly as exciting as it sounds, either. There's no conflict, no sympathy for any of the boring/immortal characters, and no decapitated giant wolf heads biting off arms, which is something I've come to expect from Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli. I have no idea why Ponyo has a 91% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Hand drawn animation nostalgia? There was one family with children there in the theater, and they left halfway through.

And over the ending credits we're treated (subjected?) to a song by Noah Cyrus (Miley Cyrus' brother) and Frankie “The Bonus Jonas” Jonas. I DARE you to sit through the the end of the credits awake and with your dignity intact. I sure didn't.

And I don't even have any good vids this, week. Lame.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Suffering circuits! That's alphanumeric!

I'm back from my spectacular voyage across the Americas! Well, one of the Americas. And two time zones. It was a really awesome trip, but I don't want to Blog about it until I can do it real justice, so you'll have to wait for the multimedia presentation that I'm preparing.

Besides my trip and the 10 pounds I gained, life has returned to normal. On Friday we were rained out of work, so I had a day to catch up on some chores/treat myself to a movie. On a whim I drove past Mill Woods Mall, and inside found the Warp 3 comic book store. And in there I found the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide that's now out of print. Huzzah! I also bought a new pillow, which I should have done, oh, four years ago. While at Superstore I was getting some bulk raisinettes for a movie, and a couple of kids in a shopping car next to me just stared in awe. “Look! He's buying chocolate!” Truly, I was. It reminded me of the first day after I moved out of home. After I spent an afternoon staring placidly at my wall thinking about how alone I was, I went to West Edmonton Mall to do some shopping, and only had Dairy Queen fudge brownie sumthingorother for dinner BECAUSE I COULD.

Also on Friday I emailed my program at MacEwan about whether or not I was accepted, and mere hours later my acceptance letter came in the mail. That's tenacity. Unfortunately I'll probably have to ask them a lot more questions because the letter says “You are accepted! Class starts September 8.” And that's it. No information about class registration at all. Sigh.

Work is winding down. This week and the next are the last weeks for a lot of the guys working here. It was Logan's last day on Saturday, and I managed to get a shot of his sweet tattoo. Check-a check-a check it out:

Yes. That's Matrix's tattoo from ReBoot. Good times.

Want some videos? How about a Korean baby singing “Hey Jude”?

Star Wars: Longest Crash Ever

Just watch it

Two Star Wars videos on one day!? Yes!

You know how weddings have themes now? Well, my wedding is going to be Ninja Turtle themed and all the guests will receive one of these:

Mama mia! Its-a Pizza Cutter Wedding Favor! Wedding pizza. I could start a new trend in the "foods that are tied to events" industry. Funeral potatoes, execution steak, and now wedding pizza! I swear I could get away with it, too. You can get away with anything if you serve it on a fancy enough plate.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When you're old, you go as you please.

So on Monday I took my writing aptitude test to see if I can get back into my old Communications program at MacEwan. Unfortunately I won't know if I passed for another week, and then I won't know if I'm admitted for another week after that because their admissions person comes in every two weeks.

Unfortunately the test wasn't in an enclosed room, but in one of those open sections behind the writing offices. This is virtually impossible to visualize, but just keep in mind this thing was probably built in the 70s. I was right by a window, so it was like writing a test in a green house.

So I took my car in to the dealership to get them to replace the gas cap and check on the “check engine” light that came on. When they're finished with it, they say that since it wasn't a defect but that it's my fault for putting the gas cap on wrong, therefore not under warranty, therefore they're going to charge me for the whole process.

Oh no you DID-INT.

Pfft, yeah right. I tell them I've been putting gas caps on vehicles for a decade and never had this problem, also it was stuck when you sold it to me, so let me talk to your manager. The guy at the desk leaves, comes back in a few minutes and says the manager is on the phone, so he just hands me my keys and says he'll take car of it. I dash away. I used up all of my moxy with that stand and I was away with my car, so I wasn't going to risk another confrontation. Since I'm basically running on fumes at this point, I head right to the gas station, which is fortunately only a block away. I go to open my gas cap and go to pry it off, and the thing snaps in half in my hands. Wow. So they didn't replace it, they just broke it in half, stuck it back in a propped the black half on top of the actual plug. FORTUNATELY the stub is fairly easy to turn on and off with my fingers, so it's a decent working relationship.

A weird thing happened at Tim Hortons on Friday. Me and Al went in for a break and we both make a beeline for the bathroom. He gets to the door first and I start to follow him in, but then I see that it's just the one room and not stalls, so I just stand outside. “I just gotta wash my hands quick,” Allen says. But right behind us is this old guy, who says something like “line up, eh?” and walks past me, opens the door, and starts peeing right behind Allen who is washing his hands at the sink. You know how small those rooms are. Crayzy.

Lately I've become partial to getting a small pack of Timbits when we stop in for a break. It seemed like a nice little snack, ya know? But then I discovered the Tim Hortons Nutrition Calculator and discovered that my normal raspberry-chocolate-honey dip 3:3:4 ratio combination had approximately 640 calories and 22 grams of fat. Egads, I've been eating these for the last two weeks. That may be why I've been going up and down in weight so rapidly. This has forced me to explore other snack options.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Among Giant Things

Well it's been a couple of odd weeks. The week previous to this one I had a mad “Southern Alberta Public School Roundup Tour 2009” wherein I visited several small towns within an hour of Edmonton, and taking pictures with their monuments. Here are some highlights:

The Giant Egg in Vegreville

The Giant Sausage in Mundare

There were also two large ducks in some other town, but they really weren't that impressive.

Saturday night last week was crazy because of the superstorm that we had. I was at Graham's playing Star Wars Saga Edition when it hit, and his neighborhood didn't appear terribly damaged. The scary moment was when I was driving up Connor's road and realized that the lane control lights where off, along with every lamppost and traffic light. Power was completely out in my part of the city. When I got home I found that my roommates were back from Blae's wedding and had already lit some tea candles. And were trying to make s'mores with the tea candles, to varying results.

And with the power out I once again lost a chunk of perishable food, but the damage wasn't as bad as I first thought. Power finally came back on Monday during the day.

Turns out our company has the contract to spray the sidewalks in Beaumont. EVERY sidewalk in Beaumont. It's not a big town, but I got familiar with it fairly quickly. While there I found something that really changed my opinion on the Chevy HHR. I used to think that the HHR looked like a PT Cruiser and a PT Cruiser had a child. And those two PT Cruisers were siblings. But then I saw this:

Yes! The White Ghostbusters HHR! Unfortunately the license plate didn't say Ecto 1. That would have been too perfect, I guess.

In news that sucks, the gas cap on my car is completely stuck. When I first fueled up a few days after getting it I just thought it was something about having a new car. I eventually got it open, but a few other times it's been stuck, but I've always managed to pry it with just my fingers. Now it's completely immovable. A quick Google search of "Mazda3 gas cap" reveals that a lot of other people with the 08 model have had this problem. I called them up and they said I could just bring it down to the dealership on Monday. Lets hope my gas lasts until then!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's a tiny nasty restaurant that you can't sit down in.

Had a fairly rainy week. It's strange going from two months and getting rained out twice to having four days off in a week. It's unfortunate that the weather has been mostly damp and cold, because 7-11 just put out to most spectacular slurpee flavour I've ever tasted: Cherry Dr Pepper. I've also found a new love in the form of 7-11 $2.99 smokies. Ever since I discovered that you can put anything you want on them, buffet style, I've been hooked. And that includes the chili-like-substance and cheese-flavoured-colloids!

The good frozen pizzas were 33% off at Safeway this week, so I was all over that deal. I stocked up on everything because this week was Customer Appreciation Tuesday, and lo and behold, our temperamental fridge finally went kaput this morning. Fortunately I didn't have much to be refrigerated, but there isn't any freezer real estate left anywhere. So until our landlord gets around to fixing/replacing the fridge, I'll be living off of 7-11 smokies. And since they haven't fixed the leaky showers in our house since the other guys moved in, it's looking like a lot of smokies.

Oh, and I've decided that I need to do my own take on the “Kill the Screen” thing. I've decided that I won't go on YouTube or read my blogs for the rest of the summer. I found that I was spending all my time on them, so I'll see how a two month hiatus on those goes. Thus, there probably won't be any cool videos for a few months, but people can feel free to send me some.

That being said, I'll send you off with some doozies:

The first one is a trailer for the upcoming film “2012.” Its about the end of the world or something. I dare you not to laugh at how unintentionally funny some of this is.

Check out 1:24. A giraffe? Out of all the luxury animals out there, I think we can afford to let the giraffes go. Is there anything they do that we can't get out of a few good horses? To that I say, neigh.

On that note, check out this mock trailer, “2012: It's a Disaster!!!”


Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Blizzard Flavour - Sewer Monster!

Got off work a couple of hours on Tuesday to wash my car. I learned that the Mr Clean brush that I bought really stinks, because it's such a flat surface and any place there's a curve on my car it won't clean it very well. Bah! Still, I had forgotten what colour my car was, as it was revealed to be a sharp gray instead of a dull tan.

I learned that the Chocolate Explosion Blizzard in Canada is different than the ones that I had in Georgia. In Georgia they had brownie bits and chocolate chips and... something else. Here they just have mashed up Dilly Bar coatings. Gross.

So this week was Canada Day. We celebrated Canada day by eating ketchup chips and having steaks and vegetables. As we were cutting vegetables one roommate (not gonna name names here) was cutting asparagus. He cut off all of the tops and threw them into the trash, putting the bottoms (including the chalky white parts at the very bottom) into the veggie mix. I just stood with my mouth agape in absolute befuddlement. That's like throwing out the florets from broccoli and only cooking the stems. Ick.

This week we sprayed at Shell's Sherwood Distribution, Envirofules, and... a big steel recycling place on 34th st. That last place was pretty cool. There were huge piles of scrap metal everywhere, and I half expected Wal-E to come rolling around the corner. Sorry Wal-E, my job is to kill plants, not bring them to the Axiom.

And now, le videos.




Sunday, June 28, 2009

Had another orientation this week, this time at Epcor. By far one of the better orientations I've been through this year, as it had the least amount of stupid questions in the quiz portion. I am so sick of questions that go along the lines of:

12 – Before you enter a work site, who must review the Safe Work Permit?
a. The crew leader.
b. The other employees.
c. The shift supervisor.
d. a and c
e. all of the above.
f. none of the above.
g. b and d, but not c.
h. g and c, but not d.

Or questions like this:

12 – What should you do before operating a vehicle in a new area?
a. Just do whatever.
b. Back the vehicle in.
c. Ensure that you receive a hot work permit from the supervisors office. Have a gas test performed in the specified area to ensure that no explosive gases are present.
d. Like, really, whatever.
e. a and c

Hey, remember that giant plume of fire that I mentioned? Well, I finally got around to getting the picture off of my cell phone. Behold! Look upon yonder wasted petrochemical gas and despair!

It was also our last day of spraying at BP. Even though their safety standards are through the roof, you gotta admit I look good doing it:

Everybody died this week. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the same day. Then Billy Mays. And now, Darrin's Xbox 360 got the red rings of death this afternoon. And it isn't even under the extended warranty anymore. Sad.

For some reason I've had June 26 marked on my calendar as the day that Transformers 2 came out, so I booked the Saturday off so I could seet it Friday night. Well, it came out Tuesday at midnight, which I didn't realize until after the fact. That hurt. And then I sprayed around transformers all day when I was working the electrical substations for Epcor. Rub it in, why don'cha? After dodging spoilers for four days I finally saw Transformers 2 on yesterday! What did I think of it? Well, it looked amazing. As usual, great special effects. As for the rest of the movie, I can only say that it was twice as X as the first one. The fight scenes were twice as good. There were twice as many robots. But there were also twice as many terrible “comedy” moments. The plot was twice as discombobulated. Also, the Autobot twins. Oh geez, where to start with that? Okay, first imagine Jar-Jar Binks. Now imagine that instead of a mangled Jamaican accent he talks crunk southern, has a gold tooth, and is (and I'm serious, this is from the movie) illiterate. Now imagine that THERE ARE TWO OF HIM. Yeah, they're that bad.

Also halfway through the first act the movie stops being “Transformers 2” and is “Species 4” for a few minutes. I'm serious, this is a ridiculous movie. Also there's a buttload of cursing, dog humping, and some drug references thrown in. This really isn't a movie for kids, which makes the fact that part of the toy line is aimed at the “five and under” crowd REALLY irritating. Would you make a colouring book out of Terminator and encourage people to bring six-year-olds to that movie? I say thee NAY. Rotten Tomatoes is giving it a 21%, and I give two stars outta four; the fight scenes did rock my socks off, but it's for genre enthusiasts only. Also I paid $17 so that I could see it in IMAX. That's a lot, and I'm not sure if it really added anything.

Oh my gosh, here are the videos!

I can't remember if I posted this one before, but I recently rediscovered it in my old favourites.


The Great Office War

You may think this next video is a joke, but it is real and that's what makes it AMAZING.

Japanese live action Spider-Man TV series!

Poor cat. There are full episodes up at the marvel website and it's just as amazing as the trailer makes it out to be. It's also just as Japanese as the trailer makes it out to be. Spidey has a giant robot and shouts “Spider Strings!” before he shoots webbing. Oh gorsh, it's not a stereotype if it's 100% true, right?

The next video is about materialism. It's also terrifying, so don't watch it where anyone could hear it without seeing the video or your co-workers/spouse will really wonder what you are up to.

World of Warcraft Freakout

If that video left you depressed, then watch this re-mix!

No, I have no idea why he does what he does with the remote control. The shoe I understand, but the remote control continues to baffle me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now with more fire

Wow, just when you think they've done it all, Marvel is bringing back the clone saga. The Clone Saga is a punch line. It's the industry staple for terrible shifts in a franchise's existence. It's the benchmark. They say, "Well it was bad, but was it 'Clone Saga' bad?" What's the motivation behind this? Bleh.

Friday I had the day off. And what did I accomplish? WHAT!?! A few things, actually. I went to Canadian Tire and bought the stuff I needed to weed/feed the lawn. Then I pruned the tree in our backyard. I don't like out of control trees, and the shoots were covered in bugs and crap anyway. I rained on and off, so I never got around to cleaning my car.

Telus tried to trick me into going to a monthly plan. The sent me a letter that was all “Heeeey, based on your usage these monthly plans would be like soooooo much better.” And I was all, “eh, maybe.” I usually just put a $25 pay and talk card on there once a month, so the $20 looked pretty good. Then I read on the Telus website that the plan has an extra $7 system access fee on it per month. Lame. Nice try, Telus, but no dice.

Worked industrial at BP this week. The British Petroleum, not the Boston Pizza. BP has the most effective/hardcore safety program I've seen out of any of the industrial sites that we've sprayed. When we're spraying an area we first get it cleared from the operators to make sure nobody even drives near the place. Then our team's safetey watch makes people give us a thirty foot berth while we're spraying. Plus it's mandatory to wear the respirators there. The crazy part? This is the exact same stuff that we were spraying all over the University of Alberta where people were walking around us while we were working. Man, whatever.

On Saturday I saw a 300 foot jet of flame coming from Dow Chemical. Since it was off in the distance, I didn't even notice it at first. I heard a loud whooshing sound followed by a brief silence. Then a constant roar which sounded like a jet fighter. Then I turned around and saw a flare tower with a flare that was about three times the size of the tower coming out of it and billowing black smoke. Yikes. From my Google Earth estimates, I think I was only 1.5 clicks away when it happened.

Video time!

Obama kills fly like a ninja!

MC Hammer Pants Flash Mob

Gymnast Put to Sleep After Breaking Leg

Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Wednesday I was having a really crappy day because I forgot my lunch at the shop and we had some very long a frustrating sites. By the end of the day I was fuming about never having time to myself, and then Dave offered me Friday off! So I took it, yay! And then Thursday night dad was in town so we had dinner at Fargo's. He had a jalapeño burger and I had a seafood thingy. Both awesome.

Thursday was a good day. I bought a whole bunch of stuff to clean my car with. Spent about $100 at Canadian Tire for everything. I read a TON of comic books including but not limited to: Ultimate Power and Ultimate Fantastic four HC Vol 3. UP and UFF are good stories, but they're drawn by Greg Land. This guy... I just can't take him seriously. He swipes pictures from other artists, from real life models, and copies his own stuff over and over. Bleh. Here's an example of his work:

Found that on JIMSMASH!! Greg Land Swipe Files. Be forewarned: Greg Land also traces some models from pronographic material, so... be careful while scrolling.

I finally got around to cutting my hair. The new electric trimmer I bought works great, but I couldn't remember if my last haircut was 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch. So I decided to go with 1/8 inch. Wow, that's short. It looks pretty funky when it's halfway done. But now I'm practically a skinhead. Maybe I should get somebody to put lightning bolts in it.

Some dude playing soccer started giving me lip while I was spraying weeds at U of A. Started asking me why they weren't informed about it, and saying that people can have allergic reactions to RoundUp. Then tells me that I “should have a mask on. That's a carcinogen. It causes cancer.” So I checked the MSDS when I got back to the truck, and the guy is full of crap. Worst case scenario is that you get retinal damage from getting an eyeful of the concentrated product. Whatever, man. I guess he was looking out for my well being, but he really should do his research next time.

Video Time! This time there's a theme. Can you catch it?

If you listen carefully, you can hear part of this next clip on the movie "Up!" near the beginning. I didn't notice it until they mentioned the Schnider (sp?) lens.

Possibly the greatest thirty two seconds of television ever:

Got any good links/videos/funny images? Send them my way!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the refinery...

I wear a hardhat, blue Nomex coveralls, and a gas monitor to work. Now I am a real man! We've been doing industrial vegitation control at PetroCan for the last few weeks. Working at the refinery is... interesting. Because there are so many different companies and people moving around, you need to get a “safe work permit” before you can go to your section of the plant to start working. That involves going to one of the seven or eight permit offices, waiting for ten minutes while they talk to someone else, and then they walk out of the room and say “we've got a meeting, no permits for 45 minutes.” Since we're spraying weeds all over the plant, we usually need permits from EVERY office, so we just to to one where there isn't a meeting/lunch break/werewolf holding up our time. Between my coworker and myself it took us TWO HOURS to get all of the permits we needed to start the day. And after spraying only one tank on Friday, we got rained out. Lesson learned: it's probably easier just to get permits as you need them instead of getting all of them at once.

But since I was rained out, I went to West Edmonton Mall and saw Pixar's “Up”. The were two times when I cried during the movie. The second was during the first ten minutes (after Carl's life story). The first time I cried was when I found out that “Disney Digital 3D” means that I get to pay $3 extra. Egad, I have to pay more for something I didn't even want? My finger hovered precariously over “Terminator: Salvation” for a minute before I just bit the bullet and went with “Up.” The good news is, the 3D didn't make me nauseous. The bed news is that I paid $3 to wear glasses that add NOTHING to the experience. The best part of the 3D effects was when I forgot I was wearing them. Every once in a while I would stop and say, “Oh, right now the movie looks sort of like two different 2D images on a slightly different depth.” Bah! *dismissive hand wave*.

Other then that, awesome movie. Highly recommended.

Oh! Also I went out and did some residential Round-up spraying between Petrocan Days. In which we got to use the spray packs! Instead of fighting a hose, I get to strap a big Ghostbuster pack to my back and walk around spraying weeds. Good times!

For your video, here's something amazing that came out of this years E3 (video game showcase).

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Now only 2.3 kilocalories per pizza!

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I've been getting ten to twelve hour days at work, which means good money. Did my first industrial sites last week. What that means is that I went to PetroCan and took a safety orientation. So instead of spending most of my day driving around to different sites, I go to the tank farm at PetroCan and walk in slow lines for hours on end. The weather has actually been quite favorable, with the wind being just light enough to cool you off and not mess up your spraying. You get to wear a little box that tells you when there isn't enough oxygen around. Fun!

Finally bought a vacuum cleaner for the basement. Before I had time to run it (I generally have time in a day for one chore, one shower, and one meal before I go to bed) Jamie vaccumed to basement and got an entire canister's worth of filth. I've been breathing a lot better since then.

Discovered something terrible for my health. Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza. They're better and cheaper than frozen pizzas, and I can pick them up on my way home from work. Last Monday I bought one (and two little packets of dipping sauce) and ate the entire pizza in one sitting. I have NEVER eaten an entire pizza in one sitting before, and it didn't even hurt. Usually I get that “Holy crap, I'm damaging myself” feeling followed by the “why did I eat so much cheese and grease?” feeling later, but I polished that sucker off with a Stewart's root beer. This job has literally doubled my metabolism. I'm eating twice as much and not gaining any weight.

Besides that, nothing interesting happens ever. When you're in bed by 9:00, there really aren't any good stories to tell.


Mega Wicker Man

Butter Water

Real Life Blues Brothers!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BTW I'm 24 now yaaay.

Wow, last week I completely forgot to mention that Janice took me out to dinner for my birthday and we watched the Bourne Ultimatum. Good times, thanks Jan! And thanks to everyone that sent a birthday card. I feel special! Yay!

This last week my job beat the stuffing outta me. My arms are getting pretty sore using the aerator machine, but fortunately last Friday the last day for aerations. On Saturday I did my first sparying at the Legislature building, which was kinda neat. I got to drive one of the wider trucks, which terrified me at first. I don't think I've even ridden in a truck like that. Fortunately it was an automatic, so it was fairly easy to drive.

Enjoyed the day off on Victoria Day. And then enjoyed a surprise day off today because it was snowing all day. Snowing!? Jeez, I'm and indoors kinda guy and this is even too much for me. The forecast is currently calling for snow tommorrow, so... I just may get tomorrow off, too. Dang it, I don't want to slack off now! I want to save up so I can slack off during the winter. Whimper.

We've got a great lineup for videos this week.

You'll only get the joke for this first one if you've seen Slumdog Millionaire. Of course, my stupid blog is too narrow for the HQ Youtube movies, so just click on the box to go to the page. Stupid blog.

Wolverine in 30 seconds:


If you put this in a college dorm you would make MAD BANK. On Saturday one of my friends ordered two decent Pizza Hut Pizzas and it came to $40. Geez.

And for the last one, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on these girls. Just listen to them!

*Whistful Sigh* I, too, heart you online. They girl with the uke also has a song about beards.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We didn't find trolls under there :(

Work has gone fairly well this week. On Friday I was entrusted with taking a new guy out to do aerations all by ourselves! Driving a standard, no less! Well, slightly more new than me. I started two weeks ago and he started four days ago. The day started out great, with me only stalling once when I was going to stop the truck anyway. From 7:00 to 12:00 we were flying through our invoices and figured that we'd probably even get off early. Then a little after lunch we got a call back from the office telling us to redo a job from the morning. The guy didn't like how it looked. Sigh. Well we went back up to the north part of town, and then went looking for a building in the river valley. We drove around City Center for at least forty five minutes, with me going the wrong way down a one way street once, before we finally found a way UNDER the James McDonald bridge. Once we got there we took a walk around the property to check where the boundaries were. Since we were downtown, I decided to lock the cab of the truck and took great pains and quadruple checked that, yes, the keys were in my front pocket and not on the seat. Halfway around the property we saw some pretty mean clouds and heard thunder approaching. Went back into the truck to call the boss and see if we were to go ahead or pack up, and we got the go ahead. A few minutes after we started aerating, the wheel falls off my pal's machine. We go to call in to see what to do to fix it, and to my dismay I spot the keys on the seat of the locked cab. That time I went in to call and see if we had the go-ahead? Set the keys on the seat. Great. We were locked out of the truck with no phone. We kept cool heads, though. I wish the story had a cool ending, but we just went to a business across the street and called the boss. Used a part from my machine to fix my pal's machine and used maaaAAAgic to get into the truck. How's that for an ending? Still lame? Yeah. Long day.

Janice and I drove up to Fort McMurray for Mother's Day. Gave my mom the awesome gift of me-cleaning-the-outside-windows, and had delicious flank-steak for dinner.

Sorry my posts are lame. I'm still getting used to my new bedtime of 10ish instead of 12ish. Too late any my brain melts out my nose the next morning.

Video? Eh, I haven't been keeping very good track this week. This one's pretty cool.

Don't worry, it was just a drill.