Monday, February 16, 2009

I constantly smell of oyster cups!

Fairly eventful week, for a change. Dad and I went car shopping, and we, after painstaking research which involved a colour coordinated spreadsheet, decided to go with the Mazda3. The price was right, and the colour was “Galaxy Grey.” Pfft, forget that noise. I've seen this colour and it is GUNMETAL grey, punks. Now all I need is money to actually buy gas to drive it.

On Thursday Mom and dad came down from Ft Mac to celebrate Janice's birthday. We went to Jubilations Dinner Theater to see “Corner Gassed,” a dinner theater production based on the hit Canadian comedy, “Corner Gas.” Yeah, I know. But it actually turned out to be pretty good. One of the cool things: the lady playing Tracy (the character based on Lacy, yeah I know) went to Westwood. She and I were in Midsummer Night Dream. Cool. Now, dinner theater takes some getting used to at first. Your severs are all acting in some sort of character. I saw a dude walking around in a red shirt with a white star on it doing a full on Homestar Runner act all night. Nice.

The highlight of the night was when they announced that somebody was having a birthday and one of the actors brought a sparkler to someone at the other end of our table. Janice looked up at mom and said “Well I'm glad you didn't tell them it was *my* birthday.” At which point a different actor came out of nowhere with a sparkler and a song for Janice. There's something about naturally occurring perfect comedic timing that makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

Valentine's Day was decent enough for me. I was all set to play Star Wars with the guys, but apparently they all had Valentine's day plans. What the crap!? We're playing pen and paper RPGs. This is supposed to prevent things like girlfriends. So I just finished the last few episodes of Heroes Season One while eating “Chunks Ahoy!” cookies and drinking chocolate milk until I had a tummy ache. Best Valentine's Day ever! Plus: next year if I have a date for Valentine's Day (pfft, yeah right) somehow I can work it into the conversation that the previous Valentine's Day I had a Heroes marathon and ate cookies and milk.

Had my first few days of real work! And, wheesh, it is work. Like, work work. Working the dish-cleaning station is like playing Tetris. It doesn't really stop, and you just have to keep things organized until it kills you. Except it doesn't kill you and I get to go home after work is done and I get paid for it. It's a lot more intense than I thought it would be. I need to make sure that all the plates and bowls are power sprayed and loaded into the steamer and the cutlery trays are emptied and cleaned once they are full and that I don't get behind on the oyster cups which have their own trays clean some woks for the line cooks run the steamers take down the wine glass trays once they're loaded and constantly pester the waiters/waitresses until they move those stupid coffee cup trays because the coffee cups sit too high on the tray to stack other trays on there properly gosh darn it. The worst part of it is that fact that I get soaked using the sprayer sometimes. I have the standard issue Teflon coated pants (five words that were never meant to go together in that order!?!?) but my under-drawers and t-shirt are soaked through by the end of my five hours. The BEST part of it is that time goes by lightning fast. You know how you look at a clock and you think an hour has gone by and only ten minutes are past? Well here I check the clock to see if I can get some stuff by the time my shift ends, and each time an hour or two has gone by. It's awesome, I'm never bored.

Sorry about the weird formatting in the last post. I tried to do email updating, but that was the result. Still trying to figure the blog thing out.

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