Monday, February 23, 2009

I try to do these things Sunday night, but last night we re-did our wireless Internet and couldn't find the roommate that had the password for it. Bah, whatever.

Work is still going well. Besides the fact that I'm discovering strange cuts and small burns on my hands that I don't notice until a few hours after my shifts are finished. They guys that have been working the “recruit area” (dish pit) for a long time say that you eventually build up a tolerance to the scalding hot water, but I'm sure I'm pretty far away from that benchmark.

Went to Janice's house for dinner and to watch the Oscars. I think this is the second time in my life that the winner for “Best Picture” was a movie that I had already seen. In this case, Slumdog Millionaire. The last one was “Return of the King.” I was pretty satisfied with the show overall. Hugh Jackman is the sort of guy that is cool when he's killing things with his fists *or* doing a song and dance number.

Since I don't have much news this week, here's an awesome video:

The Dark Black Knight

Also sometime this week I'll start fiddling around with blog settings to make this not look like crap.

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