Monday, February 9, 2009

Job Hunt: The Up-Date-ening

This week I saw "Slumdog Millionaire" with Janice. It is, in fact, a
very good movie. But it is, however, NOT a movie that you eat snacks
through. The outhouse scene at the beginning made it difficult to
enjoy my popcorn. One thing I liked about the movie was how it was
told in flashbacks. Now this is cool, but it makes it difficult to
notice when the movie theatre places a roll of film incorrectly. It
took me about two minutes before I realized that the flashback was
lasting way to long. If I hadn't noticed a little blip in the scene
change I probably wouldn't have questioned it for another three

Besides that, it was a great moviegoing experience. Remember when "Who
wants to be a Millionaire?" first came out and it was really exciting?
My complain about the show was that those "safety checkpoints" took a
lot of the drama out of the game. There really was no risk in it at
all when a person was guaranteed X dollars after they hit the
checkpoint. I guess in India (or at least in the movie) moving on
means that you have to forfeit what you've already won. It's much more
suspenseful when there's a chance that he's going to lose it all.

Usually I say that a movie needs more exploding robots, but there were
trailers for "Terminator 4: Christian Bale Goes Bananas" and "X-Men
Origins: Please Don't Suck", so that itch was thoroughly scratched.

Good news on the job hunt front: after a month of zero response on
anything, I applied at Earl's after seeing a sign out front. A guy sat
down with me right away, and we talked about working hours. I'm going
back today for a follow up.

In a little bit of an adventure, my roommate Dave asked me to drop him
off at the West Edmonton Mall Bus depot. He missed a bus, so he asked
if I could drive him in his car to West Ed. Now, I don't know why he
didn't a) drive and park at West Ed or b) just drive to wherever his
final destination was anyway, but Dave is a smart guy and I figured he
had good reasons. So instead of wasting time with questions I agreed.
Turns out his car is manual, which I haven't driven in, oh, three
years. Also pulling out of the driveway he tells me that the tires are
pretty much bald. Eeek. Well, he drove to West Ed, and I tried a few
practice runs around the parking lot and I was surprised at how
quickly it came back to me. I was still pretty bad a starting, but
after spending a few minutes on the road, I thought to myself "hey,
this isn't too bad. Clutch down, change gear, ease of clutch, up brake
down, gas... this isn't as bad as I remembered at all!" And then I
tried to go up the driveway into our house. There's a sludge pond at
the bottom of our driveway and ice/snow halfway up. I was weaving
around, and I'm quite surprised that I managed to even get into the
garage. Now, I'm not technical about cars, but what I do know is that
it made very loud sounds during the ordeal, and it started making a
funny smell after the ordeal.

So I still definitely prefer automatic. I'll take the hit of 2 mpg
fuel efficiency, I don't care.

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