Sunday, February 1, 2009

To the IMAX-mobile, Robin!

As far as uneventful weeks go, this one was uneventastic. Still no job or any call-backs from the places I've applied.

On Wednesday I went to WEM to buy a man purse (re: messenger bag). Found one that was almost exactly like the one I had to abandon on the mission. Good price, too. Also while I was there I was walking by the kiosks on the way to Zellers/Bay and a lady asked me if I had a minute to talk about skin care. I was like, sweet, free samples, and I've been thinking about finding a good product for my face. Well she's from Italy and kinda hot, so I go through the demonstration. I think, “well this stuff seems pretty good, I'd be willing to spend upwards $20 on some decent skin lotion.” Then she tells me the little jars are a year's supply and they are $100 each. Holy SCHPADOINKLE! Um, thanks but no thanks. All the while she's doing the sales pitch I'm giving her my best outs. “Yeah, I'm on a budget, and I can't fit $100 on skin cream right now, Dead Sea product or not.” Then she offers me two bottles for the price of one. Um, that's still $100 I can't spend!

Mom and dad came home from Peru and seem to be in good health. They brought back some treats for all of us, including a drink called “Inca Kola” for myself. It looks like pee in a bottle, and I'm guessing that it's Koala flavoured. I'll let you know how that goes when I get up the nerve to down it.

Friday night the family gathered at Janine's house to look at slides from Janice's trip to Israel. For whatever reason the MacBooks kept messing up and wouldn't work with the projector (haw haw, Mac users) so we just looked at the pictures on her laptop. Janine introduced me to my new best friend, raspberry fudge sauce. Truly an awesomesauce sauce.

On Saturday Russell and I went to see The Dark Knight on IMAX (for only $9.95! Can you believe it?). When I saw him at the mall I was impressed by his beard growth. Much more symmetrical then when I try it. But on to Batman. Wow, when the IMAX scenes kick in I found myself frantically looking at different parts of the screen because the picture was too big for me to take it all in at once.

After the movie I bought a bus pass at a store right beside the Chinese Supermarket, and then we wandered into the Chinese supermarket to check it out. We had fun checking out the weird looking vegetables and strange animal pieces. Well, I guess there really isn't anything inherently strange about a chicken heart, it's just strange seeing fifty of them in a little package at once. Russ bought some squid jerky. I tried a bit of it. Tastes like squid. Now, I like squid, but in order to get the squid flavour out you have to chew it a lot, and it slowly seeps into your mouth as your saliva hydrates the dry product. That's not exactly a pleasant sensation.

After the movie I got a hold of Graham Liddell (pal from waaaay back, elementary school). When I saw him I laughed out loud, because he is also kicken a sweet beard, only with much more growth than Russell. Graham, myself, and a few other guys got together to play the Star Wars Roleplaying game at Graham's place. The SWRPG, for those not in the know, is like playing Dungeons and Dragons but in the Star Wars universe. Thanks it's awesome. I play a medical droid named “Dr Professional.” Homestar fans will get the reference. We ordered pizza and drank pop, and a geek-tacular time was had by all. I really can't see how dating can be more fun than pen and paper RPGs.

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