Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gorgonopwned! And such.

I had a week which was pretty full for work. I'm working 5PM to 10PM shifts (or later, if they let me stay). I had my first time training in the kitchen, which mostly had me fetching things and trying to memorize the ingredients to several different salads. But the time flew by.

Wow, lately my posts are getting lamer and lamer and lamer. Honestly, *nothing* interesting is happening, or I just can't get any creative juices flowing on Sunday night. At all. I know that there's something that happened during the week that I could make a quirky comment on, but now that I'm working nights I don't even write in my regular journal, I just go home and go to bed! Since nothing is going on in my life I should probably start commenting on current events, or something.

So since my post is so lame, here is a bunch of totally sweet videos. Enjoy:

This first one needs a bit of background: When you watched BBC's “Walking with Dinosaurs” how many times did you say to yourself “well this is pretty cool, but what really needs to happen is for a giant xenomorph to show up and fight a gorgonopsid while an unnamed offworld team from 'Stargate:SG1' looks hopelessly on”? If it was more than zero, then you'll love BBC's “Primeval.” It's a show about temporal anomalies that open up and things from different times wander through. But in addition to dinosaurs and mammoths and your standard fare, they have a bunch of hypothetical beats from the future come to the present as well. In this scene a gorgonopsid (the dinosaur looking thing) fights a future predator: a super evolved bat, I think. That clicking sound is echolocation in other clips. Warning: this could be be the coolest gorgonopsid/bat-gorilla/SG14 fight you have seen IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

If they make a “Toy Story 3” it had better be EXACTLY like this clip:

This last one is a pretty old clip, but I just discovered it and it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside:

Awe. I want one.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Save the Redheads!

Had Bethany's “Save the Redheads” moral fund raiser. Mom sent Beth an article about the possibility of redhead extinction (which was debunked by three seconds of Google-ing, but I didn't want to ruin everybody's fun). It doubled as a St Patrick's Day party. We ate green food and drank green Kool-Aid. I made green icing, but I couldn't get it dark enough so I added almost a whole bottle of food colouring to some white icing. You could tell who had cupcakes because their teeth and tongue were green. Yeek.

Apparently I'm going to get trained on being a line cook this upcoming week. Saturday night they gave me a stack of about eighty pages and said “just memorize this.” for Monday's shift. Egads, I miss dish washing already!

On Saturday night one of the guys wore a Personal Soundtrack Shirt from ThinkGeek to our Star Wars Saga Edition game session. I have never simultaneously desired and despised a product so much. One the one hand, we had drum rolls for intense dice rolling moments and rim shots for good one liners, but he also had booing, which got old fast. Still, I'd want one of those just for the entrance music. I think I'd put the “Sanford and Son” theme song or the theme from “Shaft” on it.

Yeah, uneventful week. But this weeks video is awesome to make up for it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Attack of the Non-Specific-Pronouns!

This week was mom's birthday! She is currently >12 years old, and my only present for her was going over to Janice's house to help her paint Janice's bedroom. I hope Janice likes mom's present that I got her. I don't know what this “feature wall” nonsense is but I know I'll have none of it when I have a house! Unless the wall features Autobots. I'm down with that.

My search for a second job continues. This week I've been submitting online applications through job posting web sites, which is about as effective putting my resume into a plastic container and placing it into a pneumatic tube that shoots it into the ocean. The ARCTIC ocean. The NORWEGIAN section of the Arctic Ocean. So I have as much chance of getting a call back from the Edmonton International Airport as I do from a roving band of Norse Fur Poachers. That is, if the Poachers even bother to read my resume. Pushing “Extended Service Plans” to customers at an office supply store takes less regard for decency than clubbing seals, so I've got a chance with them.

As for your video, I like this one for its simplicity. Hmm, looks like all my recent videos are Star Wars related lately. Oh well. I'm a nurd, I'm entitled.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watch out for the Acronym Attacronym!

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I've hit a serious writing slump that I just can't seem to shake.

Within the last two weeks I started, and finished, the RPG “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.” Bought it before my mission but didn't have a computer that could run it until now. My computer renders the in game graphics better than the pre-rendered cut-scenes, oddly enough. That's what happens when you're gaming six years behind the curve.

Upon finishing the game I was on a good Star Wars high and decided to have a prequel marathon. I haven't seen RotS since I saw it on opening night, so I watched episodes 1-3 in two days. From a completely technical standpoint it's amazing to see how the special effects improve in six years. Even the difference between AotC CG Yoda and RotS CG is like OMG FTW, IMHO. LOL. Ep2 Yoda looks like he's standing in bright sunlight, even when indoors. Ep3 Yoda looks great.

My pal lent me something awesome yesterday: a copy of the “Star Wars Holiday Special.” Oh ho ho, “special” is one word for it. Enough has been said about it on the Internet that I can't really add anything, but I recommend that every Star Wars fan should watch it, all the way through, no skipping ahead, at least once. Even through the disturbing “Mind Evaporator” musical number. Shudder.

Oh man, I'm still not off this Star Wars high. It's a good thing this happened when I have no money, or else I probably would have spent all my money on Star Wars stuff by now. Good thing I have Wookieepedia to turn to for free Star Wars obscura. Now I know what happens to IG-72 after he parts ways with the IG-88s.

I continue to enjoy my current employment, but unfortunately I'm not getting enough hours to save up for school or do other luxurious things. Like eat food. So I'm starting to look for a second job, and the guys at the restaurant are cool with me being only able to work evenings and Saturdays. If anybody has any leads, let me know. Until then I return to the brain-raking agony that is job hunting.

And on that note, here's and awesome video for the week: