Sunday, March 15, 2009

Attack of the Non-Specific-Pronouns!

This week was mom's birthday! She is currently >12 years old, and my only present for her was going over to Janice's house to help her paint Janice's bedroom. I hope Janice likes mom's present that I got her. I don't know what this “feature wall” nonsense is but I know I'll have none of it when I have a house! Unless the wall features Autobots. I'm down with that.

My search for a second job continues. This week I've been submitting online applications through job posting web sites, which is about as effective putting my resume into a plastic container and placing it into a pneumatic tube that shoots it into the ocean. The ARCTIC ocean. The NORWEGIAN section of the Arctic Ocean. So I have as much chance of getting a call back from the Edmonton International Airport as I do from a roving band of Norse Fur Poachers. That is, if the Poachers even bother to read my resume. Pushing “Extended Service Plans” to customers at an office supply store takes less regard for decency than clubbing seals, so I've got a chance with them.

As for your video, I like this one for its simplicity. Hmm, looks like all my recent videos are Star Wars related lately. Oh well. I'm a nurd, I'm entitled.

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