Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gorgonopwned! And such.

I had a week which was pretty full for work. I'm working 5PM to 10PM shifts (or later, if they let me stay). I had my first time training in the kitchen, which mostly had me fetching things and trying to memorize the ingredients to several different salads. But the time flew by.

Wow, lately my posts are getting lamer and lamer and lamer. Honestly, *nothing* interesting is happening, or I just can't get any creative juices flowing on Sunday night. At all. I know that there's something that happened during the week that I could make a quirky comment on, but now that I'm working nights I don't even write in my regular journal, I just go home and go to bed! Since nothing is going on in my life I should probably start commenting on current events, or something.

So since my post is so lame, here is a bunch of totally sweet videos. Enjoy:

This first one needs a bit of background: When you watched BBC's “Walking with Dinosaurs” how many times did you say to yourself “well this is pretty cool, but what really needs to happen is for a giant xenomorph to show up and fight a gorgonopsid while an unnamed offworld team from 'Stargate:SG1' looks hopelessly on”? If it was more than zero, then you'll love BBC's “Primeval.” It's a show about temporal anomalies that open up and things from different times wander through. But in addition to dinosaurs and mammoths and your standard fare, they have a bunch of hypothetical beats from the future come to the present as well. In this scene a gorgonopsid (the dinosaur looking thing) fights a future predator: a super evolved bat, I think. That clicking sound is echolocation in other clips. Warning: this could be be the coolest gorgonopsid/bat-gorilla/SG14 fight you have seen IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

If they make a “Toy Story 3” it had better be EXACTLY like this clip:

This last one is a pretty old clip, but I just discovered it and it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside:

Awe. I want one.

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