Monday, March 23, 2009

Save the Redheads!

Had Bethany's “Save the Redheads” moral fund raiser. Mom sent Beth an article about the possibility of redhead extinction (which was debunked by three seconds of Google-ing, but I didn't want to ruin everybody's fun). It doubled as a St Patrick's Day party. We ate green food and drank green Kool-Aid. I made green icing, but I couldn't get it dark enough so I added almost a whole bottle of food colouring to some white icing. You could tell who had cupcakes because their teeth and tongue were green. Yeek.

Apparently I'm going to get trained on being a line cook this upcoming week. Saturday night they gave me a stack of about eighty pages and said “just memorize this.” for Monday's shift. Egads, I miss dish washing already!

On Saturday night one of the guys wore a Personal Soundtrack Shirt from ThinkGeek to our Star Wars Saga Edition game session. I have never simultaneously desired and despised a product so much. One the one hand, we had drum rolls for intense dice rolling moments and rim shots for good one liners, but he also had booing, which got old fast. Still, I'd want one of those just for the entrance music. I think I'd put the “Sanford and Son” theme song or the theme from “Shaft” on it.

Yeah, uneventful week. But this weeks video is awesome to make up for it.

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