Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watch out for the Acronym Attacronym!

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I've hit a serious writing slump that I just can't seem to shake.

Within the last two weeks I started, and finished, the RPG “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.” Bought it before my mission but didn't have a computer that could run it until now. My computer renders the in game graphics better than the pre-rendered cut-scenes, oddly enough. That's what happens when you're gaming six years behind the curve.

Upon finishing the game I was on a good Star Wars high and decided to have a prequel marathon. I haven't seen RotS since I saw it on opening night, so I watched episodes 1-3 in two days. From a completely technical standpoint it's amazing to see how the special effects improve in six years. Even the difference between AotC CG Yoda and RotS CG is like OMG FTW, IMHO. LOL. Ep2 Yoda looks like he's standing in bright sunlight, even when indoors. Ep3 Yoda looks great.

My pal lent me something awesome yesterday: a copy of the “Star Wars Holiday Special.” Oh ho ho, “special” is one word for it. Enough has been said about it on the Internet that I can't really add anything, but I recommend that every Star Wars fan should watch it, all the way through, no skipping ahead, at least once. Even through the disturbing “Mind Evaporator” musical number. Shudder.

Oh man, I'm still not off this Star Wars high. It's a good thing this happened when I have no money, or else I probably would have spent all my money on Star Wars stuff by now. Good thing I have Wookieepedia to turn to for free Star Wars obscura. Now I know what happens to IG-72 after he parts ways with the IG-88s.

I continue to enjoy my current employment, but unfortunately I'm not getting enough hours to save up for school or do other luxurious things. Like eat food. So I'm starting to look for a second job, and the guys at the restaurant are cool with me being only able to work evenings and Saturdays. If anybody has any leads, let me know. Until then I return to the brain-raking agony that is job hunting.

And on that note, here's and awesome video for the week:

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