Sunday, April 12, 2009

Proff that mullets make you lame

Did my first two closing shifts at work. I don't mind working a long shift, but walking past the bars by the Bourbon Street exit at midnight is pretty gross. As I walked to my car I saw some woman crouching by a car that was parked next to mine. I couldn't really make out any details accounting to my bad eyesight and that my glasses are all smudged up after eight hours of washing dishes/standing by deep fryers, but as I got got closer she stood up and adjusted/buttoned her skirt. I never knew poor eyesight could be such a blessing! Hey, for living in Edmonton for as long as I have and only encountering two people relieving themselves in public, I thin I'm doing all right. As I hurried into my car she started walking around her own vehicle, barely managing to keep upright. I kept an eye on her for a minute to make sure she didn't try to drive away. For a minute she alternated between falling into the door with falling on the hood, and she seemed to settle on a “barely propped up against the side of the car” position. Was she too drunk to open her own car? Was it a friend's car? Was it a stranger's car? I'm just glad it wasn't my car.

I recently found something stupid that keeps brining a smile to my face. I think the target audience would fit only in the small overlap in a Venn diagram between the “comic book fan” circle and “retarded sense of humor” circle, of which I squarely fit. Can you squarely fit into a circle? Anyway, here's the link to a blog post: Follow the instructions regarding the Wolverine cover and the shark clip.

For those who have been following my letters since my mission, Mark and Darren, two former roommates (and overall awesome dudes) of mine were at the airport when I got back home from Georgia. They've got a place here in Edmonton, and I totally have procrastinated going over to their place to hang out. Last Thursday I went over to their place, and they've got a guy moving out of their house soon. I totally want to move in with them, but there are some pros and cons about my place and Mark's place. Mark's place is close to where I've applied for work, but I don't want to just abandon the guys I'm living with without finding a replacement. I wasn't really sure how the rent worked because I didn't sign a lease when I moved in. I just sort of showed up. So I'm 50/50 on the decision. Then like, five minutes ago, as I'm updating my blog, my roommate Dave comes to talk to me about another roommates brother wanting to move into our house, and that I would need to find a new place by June. Dave was the guy who I talked to when I moved in, and he didn't know about the other roommate's brother getting priority over other tenants, so he felt kinda bad about telling me I needed to move in a month. But I was all, “Sweet, I've already got another place, but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging.”

Sometimes two things happen at the same time and things go terribly. Sometimes the opposite happens.

Life is good.

And for other comics, weirdness that I've run across, ever wonder why Spider-Man doesn't just go and take care of Venom once and for all?

THAT is why. Egads. Check out Supes' 90's hair. Found on archives. Yes, I read too many comic book blogs.

For your video, something classic from the Improv Everywhere.

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