Sunday, April 26, 2009

Relocation Successful!

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I spent my entire evening trying to edit and upload a new mission movie, but then Facebook spazzed out at me. And then I moved successfully. More on that.

Last Sunday we all got up early to go to the restaurant to try out the new menu items. Indeed, they are all awesome. Of note is the new dessert item: s'mores! Yes, a big fancy restaurant like earl's sells s'mores. We make our own marshmallows in house and everything! Unfortunately, s'mores are literally impossible to place properly if they are prepared properly. You see, a marshmallow turns liquid when it is warm. If it's stable, that means it's cold and not as good. So Imagine trying to rest a graham cracker on a liquid which is already trying to rest on some chocolate. Even the picture on the spec sheet that they gave us (the spec sheet being the example that we're all supposed to follow) has one of the s'mores collapsed and to the left. So they continue to look funny. They are, however, DELICIOUS.

My favourite new item would have to be the flat breads. One has an Italian tomato mix and the other is hummus. Mmmm, hummus. We have a new sauce for our salmon rolls, which is only known as “Japanese Mustard.” It has a kick like wasabi, but has a sweeter taste. Also it comes up on the receipts as “JAP MUSTARD.” Oh, abbreviations.

And for the record, here are Open Office's spell check suggestions for “s'mores:”


Not making that up. Even that completely random last one.

In logistical news, I am now moved in to my new house! Email me if you want my new mailing address, or just check out my Facebook page. I am now living with Darren and Mark, and they are desperately trying to get me back into playing Magic: The Gathering. The money vampire. I still have my decks and can still play, but I have sworn off buying new cards.

And I need to apologize to Tyler Tracy, as I called him Trevor Tracey in the credits. Sorry man. I'll buy you a footwater next time I see you (inside joke).

I didn't realize it until my mom stopped by yesterday with a birthday present, but my birthday is in the next two weeks! Oh boy! Are you wondering what to get me? Like, what EXACTLY to get me? Well, I'll save you the effort of trying to figure this out on your own. Behold! Ye Amazon Wish list!

Yes! Not one, not two, but THREE seasons of “Dr Who” are in there! I'm not even going to check that list for the next few weeks so, don't worry about me getting the surprise ruined. Shop away!

Oh yeah, I got the job at Green Oasis. Starts tomorrow morning, but we had some insane weather this week, so we'll see what happens.

For your video, here is what I managed to make last week. Starring Elders Jensen, Price, Horan, Moon and Tracy.

Macon Wars 1: Halowned!

Yes, that was all in one take. You're welcome. I'm sorry if it's being cut up by the blog, but I still can't figure out how to make the text part of my blog wider. Any help?

And now random movies. They're both pretty old, but they still make me laugh every time.

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