Sunday, May 31, 2009

Now only 2.3 kilocalories per pizza!

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I've been getting ten to twelve hour days at work, which means good money. Did my first industrial sites last week. What that means is that I went to PetroCan and took a safety orientation. So instead of spending most of my day driving around to different sites, I go to the tank farm at PetroCan and walk in slow lines for hours on end. The weather has actually been quite favorable, with the wind being just light enough to cool you off and not mess up your spraying. You get to wear a little box that tells you when there isn't enough oxygen around. Fun!

Finally bought a vacuum cleaner for the basement. Before I had time to run it (I generally have time in a day for one chore, one shower, and one meal before I go to bed) Jamie vaccumed to basement and got an entire canister's worth of filth. I've been breathing a lot better since then.

Discovered something terrible for my health. Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza. They're better and cheaper than frozen pizzas, and I can pick them up on my way home from work. Last Monday I bought one (and two little packets of dipping sauce) and ate the entire pizza in one sitting. I have NEVER eaten an entire pizza in one sitting before, and it didn't even hurt. Usually I get that “Holy crap, I'm damaging myself” feeling followed by the “why did I eat so much cheese and grease?” feeling later, but I polished that sucker off with a Stewart's root beer. This job has literally doubled my metabolism. I'm eating twice as much and not gaining any weight.

Besides that, nothing interesting happens ever. When you're in bed by 9:00, there really aren't any good stories to tell.


Mega Wicker Man

Butter Water

Real Life Blues Brothers!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BTW I'm 24 now yaaay.

Wow, last week I completely forgot to mention that Janice took me out to dinner for my birthday and we watched the Bourne Ultimatum. Good times, thanks Jan! And thanks to everyone that sent a birthday card. I feel special! Yay!

This last week my job beat the stuffing outta me. My arms are getting pretty sore using the aerator machine, but fortunately last Friday the last day for aerations. On Saturday I did my first sparying at the Legislature building, which was kinda neat. I got to drive one of the wider trucks, which terrified me at first. I don't think I've even ridden in a truck like that. Fortunately it was an automatic, so it was fairly easy to drive.

Enjoyed the day off on Victoria Day. And then enjoyed a surprise day off today because it was snowing all day. Snowing!? Jeez, I'm and indoors kinda guy and this is even too much for me. The forecast is currently calling for snow tommorrow, so... I just may get tomorrow off, too. Dang it, I don't want to slack off now! I want to save up so I can slack off during the winter. Whimper.

We've got a great lineup for videos this week.

You'll only get the joke for this first one if you've seen Slumdog Millionaire. Of course, my stupid blog is too narrow for the HQ Youtube movies, so just click on the box to go to the page. Stupid blog.

Wolverine in 30 seconds:


If you put this in a college dorm you would make MAD BANK. On Saturday one of my friends ordered two decent Pizza Hut Pizzas and it came to $40. Geez.

And for the last one, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on these girls. Just listen to them!

*Whistful Sigh* I, too, heart you online. They girl with the uke also has a song about beards.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We didn't find trolls under there :(

Work has gone fairly well this week. On Friday I was entrusted with taking a new guy out to do aerations all by ourselves! Driving a standard, no less! Well, slightly more new than me. I started two weeks ago and he started four days ago. The day started out great, with me only stalling once when I was going to stop the truck anyway. From 7:00 to 12:00 we were flying through our invoices and figured that we'd probably even get off early. Then a little after lunch we got a call back from the office telling us to redo a job from the morning. The guy didn't like how it looked. Sigh. Well we went back up to the north part of town, and then went looking for a building in the river valley. We drove around City Center for at least forty five minutes, with me going the wrong way down a one way street once, before we finally found a way UNDER the James McDonald bridge. Once we got there we took a walk around the property to check where the boundaries were. Since we were downtown, I decided to lock the cab of the truck and took great pains and quadruple checked that, yes, the keys were in my front pocket and not on the seat. Halfway around the property we saw some pretty mean clouds and heard thunder approaching. Went back into the truck to call the boss and see if we were to go ahead or pack up, and we got the go ahead. A few minutes after we started aerating, the wheel falls off my pal's machine. We go to call in to see what to do to fix it, and to my dismay I spot the keys on the seat of the locked cab. That time I went in to call and see if we had the go-ahead? Set the keys on the seat. Great. We were locked out of the truck with no phone. We kept cool heads, though. I wish the story had a cool ending, but we just went to a business across the street and called the boss. Used a part from my machine to fix my pal's machine and used maaaAAAgic to get into the truck. How's that for an ending? Still lame? Yeah. Long day.

Janice and I drove up to Fort McMurray for Mother's Day. Gave my mom the awesome gift of me-cleaning-the-outside-windows, and had delicious flank-steak for dinner.

Sorry my posts are lame. I'm still getting used to my new bedtime of 10ish instead of 12ish. Too late any my brain melts out my nose the next morning.

Video? Eh, I haven't been keeping very good track this week. This one's pretty cool.

Don't worry, it was just a drill.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summermoviestraganza begins! Featuring Wolverine!

It's the first week of my new job at Green Oasis. So far I like it enough. Right now we're only doing aeration (putting those holes in grass to help them absorb water and stuff) and it's fairly straightforward work. Not necessarily easy, but straightforward. I think the machines weigh in the neighborhood of 120-150lbs, but fortunately each truck comes with a ramp attached. On the invoices that we have there's always a note that indicates how many thousand square feet a property is. Mostly I've been doing residential, which is mainly 1.5, 1.2, 2.3, 4.5. Then on Friday we had a job that was 500. Five hundred! Holy snorkels! We had six guys on that one AND a tractor and we were still there for three hours. I'm getting a pretty good workout pushing these things around, and the soreness in my arms has finally gone away.

I've mentioned in previous letters that every once in a while I get an urge to play an video games that I played in middle school. Well, for the past few days an urge to play Heroes of Might and Magic 2 flared up, but I've been hit with roadblocks from the get-go. First off, Heroes 2 isn't compatible with Vista. Bummer. Consider that the game was designed with DOS and Windows 95 in mind, that's understandable. But wait! You can easily find a DOS emulator on-line! So I downloaded DOS-BOX and, through a lot more research and prodding, installed Heroes 2 on my computer on DOS and was able to get it running. However, it runs HORRIBLY. Every window that pops up takes about ten seconds to load, and considering how many durned windows there are in that game, that's a long time. So here I've got a $1K gaming computer that plays Half Life 2 at 138 frames per second (according to the Lost Coast evaluation, not sure if that's accurate...) but I'm running a sixteen year old turn based strategy game at 0.2 frames per second. Such is life.

Small spoilers for Wolverine movie!

Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Friday. I give it a solid “meh.” Some great intense action sequences, and a full on complete view of Hugh Jackman's booty. I have a very open mind when it comes to things like teleportation and adamantium claws, but they really need to keep characterization straight. Do they want the audience to like Sabretooth for his brotherly honour code, or to hate him because he's a maniacal baby-eating serial killer? And what's up with Gambit running away from Wolverine, then jumping in the middle of a fight with Wolverine/Sabretooth, and then trying to run again... it made no sense! And why did Sabretooth have to kill the electricity guy as part of the plan to trick Wolverine? So that they could get it in the papers? I guess it was set in 1980 so they couldn't Photoshop a newspaper article. I guess after seeing movie like Iron Man and The Dark Knight where plots and motivations make sense, bizarre contrived super villain schemes like in Origins are really looking lame. Final word: go see it if you're a Marvel Fan. Otherwise, just watch Batman again.

End spoilers for Wolverine movie!

Weird fact about my house: It's almost the same distance/time to drive out to the Galaxy Theater in Sherwood Park as it is to drive to the one in South Common.

Played a game Saturday night called “Quelf.” Very much a “right crowd” sort of game. Imagine “Cranium” on crack. The game's rules are fairly loose, and since I rolled three sixes in a row and never got a penalty it only lasted about an hour and a half. Highly recommended if you can find a group that is both funny and not particularly strict on rules.

In short, I've had an awesome week. I've been meeting a lot of people both in and outside of my ward, my rent is half of what it was at my last place, and I have a pretty good sleep pattern established. As a Lokhorst, a good sleep pattern is prerequisite to ANY HAPPINESS. Does anyone else out there count the hours of sleep they got and then say “Oh man, I only got six hours of sleep. My day is going to SUCK” besides my family?

Videos! Fun with Auto-tuning. Inspirations speeches are better autotuned.

Is it strange that I find this hilarious, adorable, and inspirational all at the same time?

Does he have any martial arts training? How many crimes has he actually thwarted? Does he have an arch nemesis? I have to admit I like the costume, though. The cape is a bit much. But other than that...

Allegiance Assemble! To give sandwiches to the homeless.