Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BTW I'm 24 now yaaay.

Wow, last week I completely forgot to mention that Janice took me out to dinner for my birthday and we watched the Bourne Ultimatum. Good times, thanks Jan! And thanks to everyone that sent a birthday card. I feel special! Yay!

This last week my job beat the stuffing outta me. My arms are getting pretty sore using the aerator machine, but fortunately last Friday the last day for aerations. On Saturday I did my first sparying at the Legislature building, which was kinda neat. I got to drive one of the wider trucks, which terrified me at first. I don't think I've even ridden in a truck like that. Fortunately it was an automatic, so it was fairly easy to drive.

Enjoyed the day off on Victoria Day. And then enjoyed a surprise day off today because it was snowing all day. Snowing!? Jeez, I'm and indoors kinda guy and this is even too much for me. The forecast is currently calling for snow tommorrow, so... I just may get tomorrow off, too. Dang it, I don't want to slack off now! I want to save up so I can slack off during the winter. Whimper.

We've got a great lineup for videos this week.

You'll only get the joke for this first one if you've seen Slumdog Millionaire. Of course, my stupid blog is too narrow for the HQ Youtube movies, so just click on the box to go to the page. Stupid blog.

Wolverine in 30 seconds:


If you put this in a college dorm you would make MAD BANK. On Saturday one of my friends ordered two decent Pizza Hut Pizzas and it came to $40. Geez.

And for the last one, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on these girls. Just listen to them!

*Whistful Sigh* I, too, heart you online. They girl with the uke also has a song about beards.

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