Sunday, May 31, 2009

Now only 2.3 kilocalories per pizza!

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I've been getting ten to twelve hour days at work, which means good money. Did my first industrial sites last week. What that means is that I went to PetroCan and took a safety orientation. So instead of spending most of my day driving around to different sites, I go to the tank farm at PetroCan and walk in slow lines for hours on end. The weather has actually been quite favorable, with the wind being just light enough to cool you off and not mess up your spraying. You get to wear a little box that tells you when there isn't enough oxygen around. Fun!

Finally bought a vacuum cleaner for the basement. Before I had time to run it (I generally have time in a day for one chore, one shower, and one meal before I go to bed) Jamie vaccumed to basement and got an entire canister's worth of filth. I've been breathing a lot better since then.

Discovered something terrible for my health. Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza. They're better and cheaper than frozen pizzas, and I can pick them up on my way home from work. Last Monday I bought one (and two little packets of dipping sauce) and ate the entire pizza in one sitting. I have NEVER eaten an entire pizza in one sitting before, and it didn't even hurt. Usually I get that “Holy crap, I'm damaging myself” feeling followed by the “why did I eat so much cheese and grease?” feeling later, but I polished that sucker off with a Stewart's root beer. This job has literally doubled my metabolism. I'm eating twice as much and not gaining any weight.

Besides that, nothing interesting happens ever. When you're in bed by 9:00, there really aren't any good stories to tell.


Mega Wicker Man

Butter Water

Real Life Blues Brothers!

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