Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summermoviestraganza begins! Featuring Wolverine!

It's the first week of my new job at Green Oasis. So far I like it enough. Right now we're only doing aeration (putting those holes in grass to help them absorb water and stuff) and it's fairly straightforward work. Not necessarily easy, but straightforward. I think the machines weigh in the neighborhood of 120-150lbs, but fortunately each truck comes with a ramp attached. On the invoices that we have there's always a note that indicates how many thousand square feet a property is. Mostly I've been doing residential, which is mainly 1.5, 1.2, 2.3, 4.5. Then on Friday we had a job that was 500. Five hundred! Holy snorkels! We had six guys on that one AND a tractor and we were still there for three hours. I'm getting a pretty good workout pushing these things around, and the soreness in my arms has finally gone away.

I've mentioned in previous letters that every once in a while I get an urge to play an video games that I played in middle school. Well, for the past few days an urge to play Heroes of Might and Magic 2 flared up, but I've been hit with roadblocks from the get-go. First off, Heroes 2 isn't compatible with Vista. Bummer. Consider that the game was designed with DOS and Windows 95 in mind, that's understandable. But wait! You can easily find a DOS emulator on-line! So I downloaded DOS-BOX and, through a lot more research and prodding, installed Heroes 2 on my computer on DOS and was able to get it running. However, it runs HORRIBLY. Every window that pops up takes about ten seconds to load, and considering how many durned windows there are in that game, that's a long time. So here I've got a $1K gaming computer that plays Half Life 2 at 138 frames per second (according to the Lost Coast evaluation, not sure if that's accurate...) but I'm running a sixteen year old turn based strategy game at 0.2 frames per second. Such is life.

Small spoilers for Wolverine movie!

Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Friday. I give it a solid “meh.” Some great intense action sequences, and a full on complete view of Hugh Jackman's booty. I have a very open mind when it comes to things like teleportation and adamantium claws, but they really need to keep characterization straight. Do they want the audience to like Sabretooth for his brotherly honour code, or to hate him because he's a maniacal baby-eating serial killer? And what's up with Gambit running away from Wolverine, then jumping in the middle of a fight with Wolverine/Sabretooth, and then trying to run again... it made no sense! And why did Sabretooth have to kill the electricity guy as part of the plan to trick Wolverine? So that they could get it in the papers? I guess it was set in 1980 so they couldn't Photoshop a newspaper article. I guess after seeing movie like Iron Man and The Dark Knight where plots and motivations make sense, bizarre contrived super villain schemes like in Origins are really looking lame. Final word: go see it if you're a Marvel Fan. Otherwise, just watch Batman again.

End spoilers for Wolverine movie!

Weird fact about my house: It's almost the same distance/time to drive out to the Galaxy Theater in Sherwood Park as it is to drive to the one in South Common.

Played a game Saturday night called “Quelf.” Very much a “right crowd” sort of game. Imagine “Cranium” on crack. The game's rules are fairly loose, and since I rolled three sixes in a row and never got a penalty it only lasted about an hour and a half. Highly recommended if you can find a group that is both funny and not particularly strict on rules.

In short, I've had an awesome week. I've been meeting a lot of people both in and outside of my ward, my rent is half of what it was at my last place, and I have a pretty good sleep pattern established. As a Lokhorst, a good sleep pattern is prerequisite to ANY HAPPINESS. Does anyone else out there count the hours of sleep they got and then say “Oh man, I only got six hours of sleep. My day is going to SUCK” besides my family?

Videos! Fun with Auto-tuning. Inspirations speeches are better autotuned.

Is it strange that I find this hilarious, adorable, and inspirational all at the same time?

Does he have any martial arts training? How many crimes has he actually thwarted? Does he have an arch nemesis? I have to admit I like the costume, though. The cape is a bit much. But other than that...

Allegiance Assemble! To give sandwiches to the homeless.

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