Sunday, May 10, 2009

We didn't find trolls under there :(

Work has gone fairly well this week. On Friday I was entrusted with taking a new guy out to do aerations all by ourselves! Driving a standard, no less! Well, slightly more new than me. I started two weeks ago and he started four days ago. The day started out great, with me only stalling once when I was going to stop the truck anyway. From 7:00 to 12:00 we were flying through our invoices and figured that we'd probably even get off early. Then a little after lunch we got a call back from the office telling us to redo a job from the morning. The guy didn't like how it looked. Sigh. Well we went back up to the north part of town, and then went looking for a building in the river valley. We drove around City Center for at least forty five minutes, with me going the wrong way down a one way street once, before we finally found a way UNDER the James McDonald bridge. Once we got there we took a walk around the property to check where the boundaries were. Since we were downtown, I decided to lock the cab of the truck and took great pains and quadruple checked that, yes, the keys were in my front pocket and not on the seat. Halfway around the property we saw some pretty mean clouds and heard thunder approaching. Went back into the truck to call the boss and see if we were to go ahead or pack up, and we got the go ahead. A few minutes after we started aerating, the wheel falls off my pal's machine. We go to call in to see what to do to fix it, and to my dismay I spot the keys on the seat of the locked cab. That time I went in to call and see if we had the go-ahead? Set the keys on the seat. Great. We were locked out of the truck with no phone. We kept cool heads, though. I wish the story had a cool ending, but we just went to a business across the street and called the boss. Used a part from my machine to fix my pal's machine and used maaaAAAgic to get into the truck. How's that for an ending? Still lame? Yeah. Long day.

Janice and I drove up to Fort McMurray for Mother's Day. Gave my mom the awesome gift of me-cleaning-the-outside-windows, and had delicious flank-steak for dinner.

Sorry my posts are lame. I'm still getting used to my new bedtime of 10ish instead of 12ish. Too late any my brain melts out my nose the next morning.

Video? Eh, I haven't been keeping very good track this week. This one's pretty cool.

Don't worry, it was just a drill.

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