Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the refinery...

I wear a hardhat, blue Nomex coveralls, and a gas monitor to work. Now I am a real man! We've been doing industrial vegitation control at PetroCan for the last few weeks. Working at the refinery is... interesting. Because there are so many different companies and people moving around, you need to get a “safe work permit” before you can go to your section of the plant to start working. That involves going to one of the seven or eight permit offices, waiting for ten minutes while they talk to someone else, and then they walk out of the room and say “we've got a meeting, no permits for 45 minutes.” Since we're spraying weeds all over the plant, we usually need permits from EVERY office, so we just to to one where there isn't a meeting/lunch break/werewolf holding up our time. Between my coworker and myself it took us TWO HOURS to get all of the permits we needed to start the day. And after spraying only one tank on Friday, we got rained out. Lesson learned: it's probably easier just to get permits as you need them instead of getting all of them at once.

But since I was rained out, I went to West Edmonton Mall and saw Pixar's “Up”. The were two times when I cried during the movie. The second was during the first ten minutes (after Carl's life story). The first time I cried was when I found out that “Disney Digital 3D” means that I get to pay $3 extra. Egad, I have to pay more for something I didn't even want? My finger hovered precariously over “Terminator: Salvation” for a minute before I just bit the bullet and went with “Up.” The good news is, the 3D didn't make me nauseous. The bed news is that I paid $3 to wear glasses that add NOTHING to the experience. The best part of the 3D effects was when I forgot I was wearing them. Every once in a while I would stop and say, “Oh, right now the movie looks sort of like two different 2D images on a slightly different depth.” Bah! *dismissive hand wave*.

Other then that, awesome movie. Highly recommended.

Oh! Also I went out and did some residential Round-up spraying between Petrocan Days. In which we got to use the spray packs! Instead of fighting a hose, I get to strap a big Ghostbuster pack to my back and walk around spraying weeds. Good times!

For your video, here's something amazing that came out of this years E3 (video game showcase).

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