Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now with more fire

Wow, just when you think they've done it all, Marvel is bringing back the clone saga. The Clone Saga is a punch line. It's the industry staple for terrible shifts in a franchise's existence. It's the benchmark. They say, "Well it was bad, but was it 'Clone Saga' bad?" What's the motivation behind this? Bleh.

Friday I had the day off. And what did I accomplish? WHAT!?! A few things, actually. I went to Canadian Tire and bought the stuff I needed to weed/feed the lawn. Then I pruned the tree in our backyard. I don't like out of control trees, and the shoots were covered in bugs and crap anyway. I rained on and off, so I never got around to cleaning my car.

Telus tried to trick me into going to a monthly plan. The sent me a letter that was all “Heeeey, based on your usage these monthly plans would be like soooooo much better.” And I was all, “eh, maybe.” I usually just put a $25 pay and talk card on there once a month, so the $20 looked pretty good. Then I read on the Telus website that the plan has an extra $7 system access fee on it per month. Lame. Nice try, Telus, but no dice.

Worked industrial at BP this week. The British Petroleum, not the Boston Pizza. BP has the most effective/hardcore safety program I've seen out of any of the industrial sites that we've sprayed. When we're spraying an area we first get it cleared from the operators to make sure nobody even drives near the place. Then our team's safetey watch makes people give us a thirty foot berth while we're spraying. Plus it's mandatory to wear the respirators there. The crazy part? This is the exact same stuff that we were spraying all over the University of Alberta where people were walking around us while we were working. Man, whatever.

On Saturday I saw a 300 foot jet of flame coming from Dow Chemical. Since it was off in the distance, I didn't even notice it at first. I heard a loud whooshing sound followed by a brief silence. Then a constant roar which sounded like a jet fighter. Then I turned around and saw a flare tower with a flare that was about three times the size of the tower coming out of it and billowing black smoke. Yikes. From my Google Earth estimates, I think I was only 1.5 clicks away when it happened.

Video time!

Obama kills fly like a ninja!

MC Hammer Pants Flash Mob

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