Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Wednesday I was having a really crappy day because I forgot my lunch at the shop and we had some very long a frustrating sites. By the end of the day I was fuming about never having time to myself, and then Dave offered me Friday off! So I took it, yay! And then Thursday night dad was in town so we had dinner at Fargo's. He had a jalapeƱo burger and I had a seafood thingy. Both awesome.

Thursday was a good day. I bought a whole bunch of stuff to clean my car with. Spent about $100 at Canadian Tire for everything. I read a TON of comic books including but not limited to: Ultimate Power and Ultimate Fantastic four HC Vol 3. UP and UFF are good stories, but they're drawn by Greg Land. This guy... I just can't take him seriously. He swipes pictures from other artists, from real life models, and copies his own stuff over and over. Bleh. Here's an example of his work:

Found that on JIMSMASH!! Greg Land Swipe Files. Be forewarned: Greg Land also traces some models from pronographic material, so... be careful while scrolling.

I finally got around to cutting my hair. The new electric trimmer I bought works great, but I couldn't remember if my last haircut was 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch. So I decided to go with 1/8 inch. Wow, that's short. It looks pretty funky when it's halfway done. But now I'm practically a skinhead. Maybe I should get somebody to put lightning bolts in it.

Some dude playing soccer started giving me lip while I was spraying weeds at U of A. Started asking me why they weren't informed about it, and saying that people can have allergic reactions to RoundUp. Then tells me that I “should have a mask on. That's a carcinogen. It causes cancer.” So I checked the MSDS when I got back to the truck, and the guy is full of crap. Worst case scenario is that you get retinal damage from getting an eyeful of the concentrated product. Whatever, man. I guess he was looking out for my well being, but he really should do his research next time.

Video Time! This time there's a theme. Can you catch it?

If you listen carefully, you can hear part of this next clip on the movie "Up!" near the beginning. I didn't notice it until they mentioned the Schnider (sp?) lens.

Possibly the greatest thirty two seconds of television ever:

Got any good links/videos/funny images? Send them my way!

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