Sunday, July 26, 2009

Among Giant Things

Well it's been a couple of odd weeks. The week previous to this one I had a mad “Southern Alberta Public School Roundup Tour 2009” wherein I visited several small towns within an hour of Edmonton, and taking pictures with their monuments. Here are some highlights:

The Giant Egg in Vegreville

The Giant Sausage in Mundare

There were also two large ducks in some other town, but they really weren't that impressive.

Saturday night last week was crazy because of the superstorm that we had. I was at Graham's playing Star Wars Saga Edition when it hit, and his neighborhood didn't appear terribly damaged. The scary moment was when I was driving up Connor's road and realized that the lane control lights where off, along with every lamppost and traffic light. Power was completely out in my part of the city. When I got home I found that my roommates were back from Blae's wedding and had already lit some tea candles. And were trying to make s'mores with the tea candles, to varying results.

And with the power out I once again lost a chunk of perishable food, but the damage wasn't as bad as I first thought. Power finally came back on Monday during the day.

Turns out our company has the contract to spray the sidewalks in Beaumont. EVERY sidewalk in Beaumont. It's not a big town, but I got familiar with it fairly quickly. While there I found something that really changed my opinion on the Chevy HHR. I used to think that the HHR looked like a PT Cruiser and a PT Cruiser had a child. And those two PT Cruisers were siblings. But then I saw this:

Yes! The White Ghostbusters HHR! Unfortunately the license plate didn't say Ecto 1. That would have been too perfect, I guess.

In news that sucks, the gas cap on my car is completely stuck. When I first fueled up a few days after getting it I just thought it was something about having a new car. I eventually got it open, but a few other times it's been stuck, but I've always managed to pry it with just my fingers. Now it's completely immovable. A quick Google search of "Mazda3 gas cap" reveals that a lot of other people with the 08 model have had this problem. I called them up and they said I could just bring it down to the dealership on Monday. Lets hope my gas lasts until then!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's a tiny nasty restaurant that you can't sit down in.

Had a fairly rainy week. It's strange going from two months and getting rained out twice to having four days off in a week. It's unfortunate that the weather has been mostly damp and cold, because 7-11 just put out to most spectacular slurpee flavour I've ever tasted: Cherry Dr Pepper. I've also found a new love in the form of 7-11 $2.99 smokies. Ever since I discovered that you can put anything you want on them, buffet style, I've been hooked. And that includes the chili-like-substance and cheese-flavoured-colloids!

The good frozen pizzas were 33% off at Safeway this week, so I was all over that deal. I stocked up on everything because this week was Customer Appreciation Tuesday, and lo and behold, our temperamental fridge finally went kaput this morning. Fortunately I didn't have much to be refrigerated, but there isn't any freezer real estate left anywhere. So until our landlord gets around to fixing/replacing the fridge, I'll be living off of 7-11 smokies. And since they haven't fixed the leaky showers in our house since the other guys moved in, it's looking like a lot of smokies.

Oh, and I've decided that I need to do my own take on the “Kill the Screen” thing. I've decided that I won't go on YouTube or read my blogs for the rest of the summer. I found that I was spending all my time on them, so I'll see how a two month hiatus on those goes. Thus, there probably won't be any cool videos for a few months, but people can feel free to send me some.

That being said, I'll send you off with some doozies:

The first one is a trailer for the upcoming film “2012.” Its about the end of the world or something. I dare you not to laugh at how unintentionally funny some of this is.

Check out 1:24. A giraffe? Out of all the luxury animals out there, I think we can afford to let the giraffes go. Is there anything they do that we can't get out of a few good horses? To that I say, neigh.

On that note, check out this mock trailer, “2012: It's a Disaster!!!”


Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Blizzard Flavour - Sewer Monster!

Got off work a couple of hours on Tuesday to wash my car. I learned that the Mr Clean brush that I bought really stinks, because it's such a flat surface and any place there's a curve on my car it won't clean it very well. Bah! Still, I had forgotten what colour my car was, as it was revealed to be a sharp gray instead of a dull tan.

I learned that the Chocolate Explosion Blizzard in Canada is different than the ones that I had in Georgia. In Georgia they had brownie bits and chocolate chips and... something else. Here they just have mashed up Dilly Bar coatings. Gross.

So this week was Canada Day. We celebrated Canada day by eating ketchup chips and having steaks and vegetables. As we were cutting vegetables one roommate (not gonna name names here) was cutting asparagus. He cut off all of the tops and threw them into the trash, putting the bottoms (including the chalky white parts at the very bottom) into the veggie mix. I just stood with my mouth agape in absolute befuddlement. That's like throwing out the florets from broccoli and only cooking the stems. Ick.

This week we sprayed at Shell's Sherwood Distribution, Envirofules, and... a big steel recycling place on 34th st. That last place was pretty cool. There were huge piles of scrap metal everywhere, and I half expected Wal-E to come rolling around the corner. Sorry Wal-E, my job is to kill plants, not bring them to the Axiom.

And now, le videos.