Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Blizzard Flavour - Sewer Monster!

Got off work a couple of hours on Tuesday to wash my car. I learned that the Mr Clean brush that I bought really stinks, because it's such a flat surface and any place there's a curve on my car it won't clean it very well. Bah! Still, I had forgotten what colour my car was, as it was revealed to be a sharp gray instead of a dull tan.

I learned that the Chocolate Explosion Blizzard in Canada is different than the ones that I had in Georgia. In Georgia they had brownie bits and chocolate chips and... something else. Here they just have mashed up Dilly Bar coatings. Gross.

So this week was Canada Day. We celebrated Canada day by eating ketchup chips and having steaks and vegetables. As we were cutting vegetables one roommate (not gonna name names here) was cutting asparagus. He cut off all of the tops and threw them into the trash, putting the bottoms (including the chalky white parts at the very bottom) into the veggie mix. I just stood with my mouth agape in absolute befuddlement. That's like throwing out the florets from broccoli and only cooking the stems. Ick.

This week we sprayed at Shell's Sherwood Distribution, Envirofules, and... a big steel recycling place on 34th st. That last place was pretty cool. There were huge piles of scrap metal everywhere, and I half expected Wal-E to come rolling around the corner. Sorry Wal-E, my job is to kill plants, not bring them to the Axiom.

And now, le videos.




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