Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's a tiny nasty restaurant that you can't sit down in.

Had a fairly rainy week. It's strange going from two months and getting rained out twice to having four days off in a week. It's unfortunate that the weather has been mostly damp and cold, because 7-11 just put out to most spectacular slurpee flavour I've ever tasted: Cherry Dr Pepper. I've also found a new love in the form of 7-11 $2.99 smokies. Ever since I discovered that you can put anything you want on them, buffet style, I've been hooked. And that includes the chili-like-substance and cheese-flavoured-colloids!

The good frozen pizzas were 33% off at Safeway this week, so I was all over that deal. I stocked up on everything because this week was Customer Appreciation Tuesday, and lo and behold, our temperamental fridge finally went kaput this morning. Fortunately I didn't have much to be refrigerated, but there isn't any freezer real estate left anywhere. So until our landlord gets around to fixing/replacing the fridge, I'll be living off of 7-11 smokies. And since they haven't fixed the leaky showers in our house since the other guys moved in, it's looking like a lot of smokies.

Oh, and I've decided that I need to do my own take on the “Kill the Screen” thing. I've decided that I won't go on YouTube or read my blogs for the rest of the summer. I found that I was spending all my time on them, so I'll see how a two month hiatus on those goes. Thus, there probably won't be any cool videos for a few months, but people can feel free to send me some.

That being said, I'll send you off with some doozies:

The first one is a trailer for the upcoming film “2012.” Its about the end of the world or something. I dare you not to laugh at how unintentionally funny some of this is.

Check out 1:24. A giraffe? Out of all the luxury animals out there, I think we can afford to let the giraffes go. Is there anything they do that we can't get out of a few good horses? To that I say, neigh.

On that note, check out this mock trailer, “2012: It's a Disaster!!!”


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