Sunday, August 16, 2009

Suffering circuits! That's alphanumeric!

I'm back from my spectacular voyage across the Americas! Well, one of the Americas. And two time zones. It was a really awesome trip, but I don't want to Blog about it until I can do it real justice, so you'll have to wait for the multimedia presentation that I'm preparing.

Besides my trip and the 10 pounds I gained, life has returned to normal. On Friday we were rained out of work, so I had a day to catch up on some chores/treat myself to a movie. On a whim I drove past Mill Woods Mall, and inside found the Warp 3 comic book store. And in there I found the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide that's now out of print. Huzzah! I also bought a new pillow, which I should have done, oh, four years ago. While at Superstore I was getting some bulk raisinettes for a movie, and a couple of kids in a shopping car next to me just stared in awe. “Look! He's buying chocolate!” Truly, I was. It reminded me of the first day after I moved out of home. After I spent an afternoon staring placidly at my wall thinking about how alone I was, I went to West Edmonton Mall to do some shopping, and only had Dairy Queen fudge brownie sumthingorother for dinner BECAUSE I COULD.

Also on Friday I emailed my program at MacEwan about whether or not I was accepted, and mere hours later my acceptance letter came in the mail. That's tenacity. Unfortunately I'll probably have to ask them a lot more questions because the letter says “You are accepted! Class starts September 8.” And that's it. No information about class registration at all. Sigh.

Work is winding down. This week and the next are the last weeks for a lot of the guys working here. It was Logan's last day on Saturday, and I managed to get a shot of his sweet tattoo. Check-a check-a check it out:

Yes. That's Matrix's tattoo from ReBoot. Good times.

Want some videos? How about a Korean baby singing “Hey Jude”?

Star Wars: Longest Crash Ever

Just watch it

Two Star Wars videos on one day!? Yes!

You know how weddings have themes now? Well, my wedding is going to be Ninja Turtle themed and all the guests will receive one of these:

Mama mia! Its-a Pizza Cutter Wedding Favor! Wedding pizza. I could start a new trend in the "foods that are tied to events" industry. Funeral potatoes, execution steak, and now wedding pizza! I swear I could get away with it, too. You can get away with anything if you serve it on a fancy enough plate.

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