Sunday, August 2, 2009

When you're old, you go as you please.

So on Monday I took my writing aptitude test to see if I can get back into my old Communications program at MacEwan. Unfortunately I won't know if I passed for another week, and then I won't know if I'm admitted for another week after that because their admissions person comes in every two weeks.

Unfortunately the test wasn't in an enclosed room, but in one of those open sections behind the writing offices. This is virtually impossible to visualize, but just keep in mind this thing was probably built in the 70s. I was right by a window, so it was like writing a test in a green house.

So I took my car in to the dealership to get them to replace the gas cap and check on the “check engine” light that came on. When they're finished with it, they say that since it wasn't a defect but that it's my fault for putting the gas cap on wrong, therefore not under warranty, therefore they're going to charge me for the whole process.

Oh no you DID-INT.

Pfft, yeah right. I tell them I've been putting gas caps on vehicles for a decade and never had this problem, also it was stuck when you sold it to me, so let me talk to your manager. The guy at the desk leaves, comes back in a few minutes and says the manager is on the phone, so he just hands me my keys and says he'll take car of it. I dash away. I used up all of my moxy with that stand and I was away with my car, so I wasn't going to risk another confrontation. Since I'm basically running on fumes at this point, I head right to the gas station, which is fortunately only a block away. I go to open my gas cap and go to pry it off, and the thing snaps in half in my hands. Wow. So they didn't replace it, they just broke it in half, stuck it back in a propped the black half on top of the actual plug. FORTUNATELY the stub is fairly easy to turn on and off with my fingers, so it's a decent working relationship.

A weird thing happened at Tim Hortons on Friday. Me and Al went in for a break and we both make a beeline for the bathroom. He gets to the door first and I start to follow him in, but then I see that it's just the one room and not stalls, so I just stand outside. “I just gotta wash my hands quick,” Allen says. But right behind us is this old guy, who says something like “line up, eh?” and walks past me, opens the door, and starts peeing right behind Allen who is washing his hands at the sink. You know how small those rooms are. Crayzy.

Lately I've become partial to getting a small pack of Timbits when we stop in for a break. It seemed like a nice little snack, ya know? But then I discovered the Tim Hortons Nutrition Calculator and discovered that my normal raspberry-chocolate-honey dip 3:3:4 ratio combination had approximately 640 calories and 22 grams of fat. Egads, I've been eating these for the last two weeks. That may be why I've been going up and down in weight so rapidly. This has forced me to explore other snack options.

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