Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whoops, looks like I forgot to post last week. Nothing much is going on around here, but classes are going well. I've been working on a pitch for my documentary project and I've come up with diddly squat. When you are a nerd with absolutely no social conscience it's hard to think of a gripping documentary outline. In fact, I'm working on five projects for five classes and right now I've got the most furious writer's block imaginable. I can't even finish this update. I *know* that something interesting happened in the last two weeks but I can't even remember it. I need to take more notes during the day.

I swear I'll make it up by getting back to more regular updates. With actual meaningful content. Really!

Stormtroopers remember that day

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

The Changeling from 5 Second Films

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movies that are numbers

My first three classes went well this week. In each of them there is no final exam (yay!) but they all consist of large projects that we begin immediately (holy snorks!). My other two classes would have started on Monday, but that's Labor Day-bor. So they'll star tomorrow.

I also spent a good portion of the week fuming at Edmonton Transit. I thought I had a perfect bus route figured out, as the route 112 bus is only a block from my house and goes directly to City Center Campus. Unfortunately, it stops running at 6 PM ish, so I had to improvise my way home. That meant walking a few blocks to the LRT, taking route 4 to Bonnie Doon Mall, and walking from there. That took about an hour and a half. Upon investigating my other options, I found that the route 8 bus goes right from downtown to Bonnie Doon. Also, the bus I take to my morning classes only runs every half hour, and it arrives at the Jasper Place campus at either 7:31 or 8:01. So I'm either late for class or a half hour early. Weak.

Wow, that's a lame story. Here's another one: our refrigerator decided to take another day and a half off. It's in a freakin' union or something. Fortunately it's back to working order, but I still don't trust it.

Watched “9” on opening night with a bunch of people. It's a decent enough movie. Very cool visuals, but very thin on plot and character. Thinking about seeing it? Well, it was based on a short film of the same name, featured here:

If you enjoyed that and would like to watch it six times in a row with a much larger budget, then the movie is definitely for you. I enjoyed it enough that I'd consider getting it on DVD if it had really good extras. Maybe I'll do a full review later in the week.

More move-ins were announced at church today. The ward is still around 65% female.

For your videos, cats in bathtubs!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's Raspberry Adéu

Summer work has come to a close. I finished my last full week and have successfully registered in classes at Grant MacEwan. Well, the dumb WebAdvisor says I don't have the prerequisites for one course but I totally do, so whatever. It took about four hours but I finally finished my registration. As for work, I've got Tuesday's without school, so I'll be working one day a week until work runs out for the winter.

I'll miss making money. I will not miss getting up at 4:30, getting home at 5:00, and then going to bed at 9:00.

A few good things happened at work last week. We were spraying by the woods in Spruce Grove and I found wild raspberries! Raspberries yeeeeah! And when I was sparying a condo there was a branch of raspberries growing out from a fence. Someone must have a raspberry bush on the other side of the fence and there were a few dried up ones on the ground, so they were totally fair game. Two raspberry bushes in two weeks! Yeeeeeah!

I also discovered the most wretched smell on Earth. We were spraying Northern Alberta Processing, which apparently is some sort of animal product recycling center. It was like burnt bacon and hairspray, and it was EVERYWHERE.

It was our first week after we changed times and locations in our ward. A lot of people came up and introduced themselves to me. They ask how long I've been in the ward and when I say “four months” they seem sort of ashamed. They feel bad that they haven't noticed me, but I'm flattered that I've managed to stay hidden this long. You see, nobody wants to introduce themselves to a person in a month that isn't September. Most shy/fragile people take a lot of offense if someone introduces themselves to a person after the three week mark. And since nobody wants to offend anybody, most people just don't bother introducing themselves to a person because the risk of offending them is too high. But since it's September and there are about forty new faces (thirty two of them female, nice ratio) people are more willing to believe that I just moved into the ward, and reckon that's why they only just now noticed me.

Oh shoot. I just realized that I missed about seven chances to introduce my self as “Dan Tastic” today.

And heerz yer vidz.

Edit: I can't get this stupid free blog to stop cutting off videos and pictures. Any suggestions?

Facebook Flirting: Well all look. Admit it.

High speed response robot hand. Imagine it has a knife instead of a pen and a grenade instead of a tennis ball and boom; Skynet.

And a picture.