Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Moments in Awkward

Windows 7 releases this week! Did you attend a Windows 7 release party? Did you eat an official Windows 7 seven patty whopper?

Me neither.

On Monday night I was at the Whyte Ave Chapel and I saw a guy I knew from my mission. He was from Spanish Fork, and it's not unheard of for us to get visitors/students from Idaho/Utah. So I notice him, he notices me, and we exchange a big old grin. I look astonished (not expecting to see him) and say, “Wow! It's been a while! How are ya? What are you doing up here?” Hey responds, “Hey Dan, I'm just up visiting. Did you serve a mission?” Record player skipping. Wait, this isn't the guy from my mission. But he knows my name is is happy to see me. “Yeah. Yeah, I served a mission.” ABORT! ABORT! “Well good to see you!” There probably was some crafty way to figure out exactly who he was, but I panicked and ran away. Sigh.

Thursday was a bit of a headache. So far this year I've been keeping up with my assignments fairly well, but unfortunately one slipped by me last week. Come Thursday I realize that it's due Friday, so I spend all afternoon working on it, and then had a night class, and then spent until one in the morning working on the first draft. Then I get up at six to revise that draft, skipping both showering and eating to get to school on time Friday morning. Well I arrive at school only to see everyone standing around outside. Apparently there was a grease fire in the cafeteria in the basement. There wasn't any major damage, but we had to wait outside until the fire department cleared most of the smoke out. So we're finally allowed into the building an hour and a half later, and it smells of burnt bacon. Also, 8:00 AM classes were canceled, and I couldn't find the prof to hand my assignment in. So I got to enjoy all the stress of getting no sleep to get an assignment in without any of the closure of actually handing the stupid thing in. And I had a class at 11:00 AM that I didn't want to skip, so I couldn't just call it a day right then and there.

Has anyone else here in Edmonton tried the "Chicago Deep Dish Pizza" here? It's a bit more expensive than other pizza places, but you get a LOT more pizza for your money. The pizzas are square and cut into sixteen pieces, so it's convenient for a party of four to split one. It's the same genus as Pizza Hut pizza (crispy greasy), and I'd definitely recommend it.

Videos! I am obsessed with these 5SFs. Here's the “Irrisponsible” trilogy.

Irresponsible Uncle

Irresponsibler Uncle

Irresponsible Tío

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone was jealous of Warcraft Mana drinks

Weird Crap of the week: You know how some music sounds like screeching parrots? Good people of Earth, there is a death metal band whose lead singer is, I kid you not, a parrot. And they have a myspace page. I present to you, Hatebeak. Oh yes, this is a joke. But I'm not sure if they themselves know that they're a joke.

EVEN MORE weird crap: I never thought that I could find a product that completely encapsulated my high school experience. But here we are:

I have a bizarrely strong urge to play Magic the Gathering and drink Jones Soda. But then I remember that I stink at Magic and I don't really drink soda anymore. Ah, those were simpler times.

But enough weird crap. This week I bought some totally kickin' sweaters at Old Navy. Argyle all the way, man. I also bought new pants and finally a new belt. I normally don't wear anything other than five year old t-shirts, but since Janice came along and helped me pick things out I think I made some good fashion decisions. Mostly I just looked at what the best mannequins were wearing and went with that.

Had a sad moment when I was going through my DVDs. I was trying to recommend Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis to James so I made a smooth wave of my hand over towards my DVD shelf. My plan was to say “Have you ever seen-” and then draw out the word “seen” until my hand rested on the DVD, and deftly remove it and display the box as I said “Metropolis?”. Just like a cool person would, you know? But my hand deftly crossed over my shelf the third time and my “seeeeeeen” was beginning to peter out, I came to the realization that my DVD wasn't there. I've moved three times in three years, and it's been that long since I've seen it. Hopefully it's still at my parents house somewhere. That's a really good movie.

KEANU REEVES and teddy bears

Huge Pizza

Oldest Trick in the Stove

Court Date

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeling... Blue?

The first Edmonton snowfall was this week. So goodbye to being outside without a jacket and not having to brush off your car every time you want to go someplace.

Saw Blue Man Group with dad on Friday night. That was a pretty good experience. It was at Rexhall place, which is normally a hockey rink. Our seats were along the wider side of the oval, so we were sitting perpendicular to the stage. We had to sit sideways and turn our necks to see the stage, but about halfway through the performance two of the Blue Men walked along both sides of the oval doing a “pump up the crowd” bit. So I was about four feet away from one of the Blue Men, and that was pretty cool.

Now that it's winterish, my pesticide applicator job is done. Seeing as how I don't have that for exercise anymore, I decided to start working out again. I did some (very) light weights and crunches and stuff, and got that whole “every muscle I tried to exercise feels like it is going to fall off” feeling. Especially my abdomen. For all of Friday every times I sneezed it would send a shockwave of pain through my body from my rapidly contracting abdominal muscles. It seems to have gotten better by now though. Ow.

I think I've found my niche in family dinner gatherings. So far I've brought Cheetos to two gatherings and they've been a smash hit. It's odd. I mean, my aunt made this spectacular ham. That thing must have been cooking for hours because it smelled amazing and it was very tender and moist. It was like the meat equivalent of eating raw cookie dough. But even with all this stuff that people put hard work into, folks just kept saying "Hey, Cheetos!" and "nice, who brought Cheetos?" Are Cheetos something that my extended family likes, but just doesn't really buy that often? I'm going to Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, and I already have two requests for to bring Cheetos again. And one request to bring Old Dutch Popcorn Twists.

Video Time!

I think I posted this one before, but this is a much better quality and there's about ten seconds extra on the end.

I need to keep better track of the things I post because I can't remember if I posted this one either. Oh well, it's still good.

This is like that scene in Jurassic Park 2 but with turkeys.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Oh my gosh! Layout change! Hopefully this will fix those chopping problems it's been having. I'll colour it better later.

A rather eventful week. I forgot to mention last week that the college that I attend has been upgraded to university status. That's correct! I have moved up a rung on the educational achievement scale. Grant MacEwan College is now MacEwan University. Now I can select “university” when checking off “highest educational level” on job and credit card applications. The universities aren't happy about the change, because they feel that it's lowering the value of universities, but MacEwan is happy because screw those other guys. Mac U, baby! *wicked sweet electric guitar wail*

Changed phone providers over to a plan with Bell. I was using pay and talk with Telus, but I know a guy at Bell and he got me a decent deal. To get my phone number transferred from Telus I needed my account number, but didn't know it off the top of my head. So I was standing in the Bell store for about fifteen minutes trying to get a person from my Telus phone to tell me what my number was. After I got it she said something like “Are you aware of our something something deal?” And I said, “no, but that's all I need today, thanks.” And then she didn't stop talking about the something something deal. Being naturally polite I kept waiting for a good place to say good “no thank you, goodby” but it just never came. Then I finally realized I don't need anything from Telus anymore, so I interrupted her and said “well, that's all I need, goodbye” and hung up. Have you ever just hung up on a telemarketer? Man, it feels good because screw those guys.

Saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Saturday night. The movie was surprisingly good, except for the fact that it was only available in 3D. Anyone who remembers my review of Up! may recall that I'm of the opinion that whoever resurrected 3D for this decade should be dragged into the street and shot, but not until he gives me the eight dollars that he's charged me to watch this stupid, pointless, non-effect. Maybe once every twenty minutes something would sort of loom out of the screen at you, but it's PATHETIC.

So I'd definitely recommend the movie. Just make sure you go to a theater where you don't have to pay an extra four bucks because screw those guys.

Enjoyed General Conference. Can't really remember any highlights, but I did miss the first 15 minutes of the Sunday afternoon session due to internet issues, so for all I know somebody rode in on a motorcycle. That would be awesome.
After conference we had a bunch of people over at our house to make a big Sunday dinner. Angela brought a big old yam, so we worked on making candied yams. She cut it up and I prepared according to a recipe I found on Unfortunately, after an hour or so of work, I messed up the final step. I put the marshmallows on and then put them in the oven to broil for a minute, but when I came back the entire thing was on fire. Apparently marshmallows brown rather quickly. Fortunately, the fire extinguisher that mom and dad got me for Christmas when I moved out (five years ago!) is always faithfully kept by the stove, and it works! Unfortunately the powder from the extinguisher, while non-toxic, does not taste very good. Sigh.

So the yams were a wash and I ended the evening hating myself, but every other course (roast, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, buns) went off without a hitch. And somebody brought those mint Girl Guide cookies, so rock on. We hung out and chatted for the rest of the evening, and that's why this update is going up at 1:00 AM. Fortunately, no assignments are due tomorrow. Yay!

Here are three hits from 5Secondfilms. Funny stuff.

Just another Monday

Bottles for Breakfast

Domestic Disturbance