Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Moments in Awkward

Windows 7 releases this week! Did you attend a Windows 7 release party? Did you eat an official Windows 7 seven patty whopper?

Me neither.

On Monday night I was at the Whyte Ave Chapel and I saw a guy I knew from my mission. He was from Spanish Fork, and it's not unheard of for us to get visitors/students from Idaho/Utah. So I notice him, he notices me, and we exchange a big old grin. I look astonished (not expecting to see him) and say, “Wow! It's been a while! How are ya? What are you doing up here?” Hey responds, “Hey Dan, I'm just up visiting. Did you serve a mission?” Record player skipping. Wait, this isn't the guy from my mission. But he knows my name is is happy to see me. “Yeah. Yeah, I served a mission.” ABORT! ABORT! “Well good to see you!” There probably was some crafty way to figure out exactly who he was, but I panicked and ran away. Sigh.

Thursday was a bit of a headache. So far this year I've been keeping up with my assignments fairly well, but unfortunately one slipped by me last week. Come Thursday I realize that it's due Friday, so I spend all afternoon working on it, and then had a night class, and then spent until one in the morning working on the first draft. Then I get up at six to revise that draft, skipping both showering and eating to get to school on time Friday morning. Well I arrive at school only to see everyone standing around outside. Apparently there was a grease fire in the cafeteria in the basement. There wasn't any major damage, but we had to wait outside until the fire department cleared most of the smoke out. So we're finally allowed into the building an hour and a half later, and it smells of burnt bacon. Also, 8:00 AM classes were canceled, and I couldn't find the prof to hand my assignment in. So I got to enjoy all the stress of getting no sleep to get an assignment in without any of the closure of actually handing the stupid thing in. And I had a class at 11:00 AM that I didn't want to skip, so I couldn't just call it a day right then and there.

Has anyone else here in Edmonton tried the "Chicago Deep Dish Pizza" here? It's a bit more expensive than other pizza places, but you get a LOT more pizza for your money. The pizzas are square and cut into sixteen pieces, so it's convenient for a party of four to split one. It's the same genus as Pizza Hut pizza (crispy greasy), and I'd definitely recommend it.

Videos! I am obsessed with these 5SFs. Here's the “Irrisponsible” trilogy.

Irresponsible Uncle

Irresponsibler Uncle

Irresponsible Tío


  1. You make me laugh. What country is that burger poster from?

  2. Japan. Just search it on YouTube and you'll see people actually eaiting this disturbing thing.

    Of course, now I want to buy a bunch of whoppers and try it myself.