Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone was jealous of Warcraft Mana drinks

Weird Crap of the week: You know how some music sounds like screeching parrots? Good people of Earth, there is a death metal band whose lead singer is, I kid you not, a parrot. And they have a myspace page. I present to you, Hatebeak. Oh yes, this is a joke. But I'm not sure if they themselves know that they're a joke.

EVEN MORE weird crap: I never thought that I could find a product that completely encapsulated my high school experience. But here we are:

I have a bizarrely strong urge to play Magic the Gathering and drink Jones Soda. But then I remember that I stink at Magic and I don't really drink soda anymore. Ah, those were simpler times.

But enough weird crap. This week I bought some totally kickin' sweaters at Old Navy. Argyle all the way, man. I also bought new pants and finally a new belt. I normally don't wear anything other than five year old t-shirts, but since Janice came along and helped me pick things out I think I made some good fashion decisions. Mostly I just looked at what the best mannequins were wearing and went with that.

Had a sad moment when I was going through my DVDs. I was trying to recommend Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis to James so I made a smooth wave of my hand over towards my DVD shelf. My plan was to say “Have you ever seen-” and then draw out the word “seen” until my hand rested on the DVD, and deftly remove it and display the box as I said “Metropolis?”. Just like a cool person would, you know? But my hand deftly crossed over my shelf the third time and my “seeeeeeen” was beginning to peter out, I came to the realization that my DVD wasn't there. I've moved three times in three years, and it's been that long since I've seen it. Hopefully it's still at my parents house somewhere. That's a really good movie.

KEANU REEVES and teddy bears

Huge Pizza

Oldest Trick in the Stove

Court Date

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  1. Jones Soda. Come to Seattle for a visit and see their headquarters. you too, can feast on thanksgiving dinner flavors of soda.

  2. Thanks for letting me be your personal shopper. You were the best kind of client - very obedient, open minded to argyle and willing to spend money.