Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Dark Weekend for Nerds Everywhere

Sigh. Twilight beat Dark Knight for Friday opening and single day sales. You win this round, women, but the nerds will have their comeuppance.

On Monday my group in the documentary class filmed our interviews. Our premise is that we're ghost hunters asking people if they feel safe at the school. I'm editing it, and that's fun, because right now it's the only project that I'm working on that doesn't make me want to take a hammer to my skull.

We did tie dying on Monday night for FHE. I did socks. I'm not sure how they turned out because I forgot about them until now and they're still in a plastic bag in my room somewhere.

I saw 2012. It's like Independence Day but instead of fighting humans they're trying to outsmart God. Pretty much every expectation that you would have about this movie is true, but what was great about it was just how faithfully it adhered to every single disaster movie cliché. If you want to see it, see it in theatres. It's a crazy spectacle that is meant to be enjoyed loud and obnoxiously.

Movie time!

Maury Povitch, the most horrible man alive:

The Breakup

Little Ben: Monster Hunter

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Secret Origins of OM NOM NOM NOM

Nothing major to report this week. I did go to Old Navy to buy clothes all by myself. No sister or anything. I was standing by the racks holding two shirts together for about twenty minutes. I just kept staring at them, trying to figure out if they “match” or not. All I could see in my mind was Janice giving a dissaproving glare and saying “Danny, really?” Fortunately I caught her on Skype and got her permission to wear my new clothes outside.

I saw Astro Boy on Tuesday. I'd give it a soft recommendation. It was funny enough, and had a passable pace to it. Could have been punchier.

You know it's Christmas time when you spot eggnog on the shelves! At SuperStore they had a giant pile of bottles of chocolate eggnog right at the impulse-buy area, so I had to pick on up. It tastes... interesting. Like regular eggnog but if you threw in a few packets of the chocolate instant breakfast powder. I like it. I bought it yesterday afternoon. Any bets as to how long it will take me to finish it?

Videos! These ones are much longer than usual.

Ironic cartoon about capitalism

and now the furious purple arm of the state owns those car companies. D'oh!

Here's an interesting project that came out of the UK.

I actually went and bought that song on iTunes. It's just so darned catchy. I hate myself for enjoying it.

Interview with a Cookie Monster! Celebrating 40 years of lowering children's attention spans.

And of course...

Skimboarding Scheme

The Nose Collector

Monday, November 9, 2009

CFT. There is no cure.

It just had to be one of my busiest weeks that my computer finally decides to stop playing nice. I had to reinstall Windows Vista just to get the stupid thing to start working again. Fortunately I back-up a lot, and I use Google Docs for all of my homework now. So I lost half a day for homework time, and I'm starting to feel swamped.

I went to the annual family chocolate dipping reunion. This is the first one I've been to in two years, and I was doing a new flavour, "peanut butter truffle." We were extra cautious about H1N1, so there were gloves and masks for everyone that wanted them. I'm a chronic face toucher (my own face, not other people's faces, that would be weird) so I figured I would wear the mask all day. Better safe than SARS. Remember SARS? No? Meh. Anyway, I ended up working on that particular batch for two and a half hours. Took a bit longer than expected.

Have you ever been working on a project really hard, and then at a certain point just hated it so much that you couldn't even look at it anymore, and then say “screw it,” shut your eyes really hard, print it out, and hand it in? I did that last week. Got 93% on it.

Have you ever been working on a project, and at a certain point decide that this is going to be the project that sets the bar for the rest of the year, and start putting in a lot of extra effort, take a bus to two different libraries to finds books to cite your sources, finish it a day early so you can make a second draft, and hand it in with the satisfaction of a job well done? I did that the week before last. Got 62% on it.

The lesson is, never try.


Real life super villain in training

Secret Admirer

Alternative Methods of Termination

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have a very PG Halloween!

Had our Halloween FHE tonight. I was the first person there to wear a costume and that was AWK-WARD at first, but by the end of the night there were about 10 people with costumes on. There was pizza and caramel apples, so I took a piece of pizza to the caramel apples station and made a caramel pizza. Because I can't eat raw apples. I really should have taken a picture of it.

My costume was pretty lame because I was a cowboy without a decent cowboy hat. SO I went to Wal-Mart to hopefully find a cheap hat, but instead found a bandit (Zorro) mask/hat combo. The hat reminded me of and old-timey preacher, and there was a skull necklace there that got me thinking. If my cowboy costume is lame, I'll just paint my face as a skull and go as a cursed preacher, or demon vicar or something. So I bought a black shirt at Value Village to complete the ensemble. I bought about four times as much face paint as I thought I would need because I'd rather have too much than run out halfway through. So here's what I came up with:

On Friday morning I got up at six to shower/shave/do the face paint, and I was still ten minutes late for class. I did make a pretty good entrance, though. The teacher had seen Zombieland earlier in the week and I totally freaked her out upon my sudden entrance. Got my picture taken at the photo studio for the costume contest, but there were some really good ones out there. There was a Bumblebee (from the new Transformers movie) and a really good Strong Bad Holding A Trogdor Picture. I voted for Strong Bad.

At the stake dance that night there were some pretty good costumes. Bethany was a lobster. I managed to scare/irritate a few people with my eyes closed trick. Basically I stand behind a person I know, say their name, and then when they turn around I keep my eyes closed and just stare at them for a moment. In the low light it looks like a real mask, and it's especially eerie when I open my eyes. People really couldn't recognize me with my face paint on.

Here's Beth, Janice, and I:

Yes I have my glasses on. Yes I'm a dork.

Also, my computer decided to revolt this afternoon. It stopped accepting my password to get into my administrator account. Very odd. I kept putting it in over and over again, but it didn't work until I turned my computer off, left the house for a few hours, and came back and tried it again. Man, I really need to upgrade to Windows 7, giant burger or not.

Video time! And it's Halloween themed!

Math is only fun when this sort of thing happens:

Batman sightings continue in France...

And I would be remiss if I didn't include at least one 5 Second Film:

4 Years Awesome Luck

The Stepdaughter