Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Dark Weekend for Nerds Everywhere

Sigh. Twilight beat Dark Knight for Friday opening and single day sales. You win this round, women, but the nerds will have their comeuppance.

On Monday my group in the documentary class filmed our interviews. Our premise is that we're ghost hunters asking people if they feel safe at the school. I'm editing it, and that's fun, because right now it's the only project that I'm working on that doesn't make me want to take a hammer to my skull.

We did tie dying on Monday night for FHE. I did socks. I'm not sure how they turned out because I forgot about them until now and they're still in a plastic bag in my room somewhere.

I saw 2012. It's like Independence Day but instead of fighting humans they're trying to outsmart God. Pretty much every expectation that you would have about this movie is true, but what was great about it was just how faithfully it adhered to every single disaster movie cliché. If you want to see it, see it in theatres. It's a crazy spectacle that is meant to be enjoyed loud and obnoxiously.

Movie time!

Maury Povitch, the most horrible man alive:

The Breakup

Little Ben: Monster Hunter

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