Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finished at last!

This term, at least. My presentation and my final exam were on Monday, and they both went swimmingly. I installed a solid state hard drive on my computer and put Windows 7 on it. Wow. SSDs are amazing. They're eerily silent. The only thing I hear from my computer is the fan running.

Because I am temporarily without responsibilities, I finally took Jamie up on his offer of going to Bo'diddley's for wing Wednesday. I really wish I had gone sooner, a plate of ten wings is, like, $4.50. That's crazy! They get mad at you if you order a water though. Too bad, Bo.

Saw James Cameron's Avatar on Friday. In *sigh* 3-D. 3D is pointless. 3D is the OPPOSITE of immersion. Like when it doesn't work, and there's an out of focus branch that is looming a bit closer to me. Or when it does work and the computer terminals look 3D is just makes me think of a corny Disneyland ride. And I'm paying an extra $3 for the privilege.

But how was the movie, eh? Did it revolutionize film making for years to come? I hope not. I hope that 3D dies the same horrible death that it died in the 50s and 80s. But was it an enjoyable movie? Indeed it was. The CG was flawless, and the action choreography will blow your effing mind in the last forty five minutes.

Now, I don't mind it when a sci-fi movie adheres to the classic tropes, but there was actually one instance where they literally quoted from the sci-fi action cliché handbook. It's early on, watch it, you'll know it when you see it. It was something along the lines of "So you're a marine with no scientific background that signed up for this delicate mission just to see what would happen?" Really, James Cameron? Really? You spend $500 million on this movie and that's the best dialogue you can come up with?

It's a strictly utilitarian script that doesn't challenge or surprise you in any way, but it does it with such panache that you don't mind it at all. Avatar is recommended.

Christmas is Coming

Merry Christmas everyone!

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