Sunday, December 13, 2009

It was so cold this week...

How cold was it?

It was so cold that when I drove to school, Morgan Freeman narrated my entire commute!


Word on the street is that the Edmonton International Airport recorded a -59 degrees Celsius (with windchill) this week. Second coldest place on Earth, apparently. Nice. Real nice. And my car still starts through it. Good girl, Hoth.

And on an unrelated note:

Handed in and completed almost all my assignments now. The only thing left is to present our documentary in class and take my Web Writing final. Almost there...

Saw Fantastic Mr Fox. Really good show. Recommended if you have a sense of humour.

On Friday Beth and I went to Janice's for latkes, in Chonour of Chanukka. Here is how you make crispy, brown latkes:

After that we went to the Rolfson's for an Edmonton family Christmas snackstravaganza. I have come to the point that if I do not bring Cheetos to family gatherings, I disappoint. This pleases me greatly.

Spent most of Saturday working on my Documentary. It finally turned into something that I'm not embarrassed to show the world. I had a great group to work with, so hopefully our nutty diabetes jokes will make sense to other people in class that we're presenting to.

Today we had an amazing Christmas dinner with everyone here at the house. Turkey, stuffing, garlic potatoes, and I finally redeemed myself on the yam front. I had a different recipe this time (which called for abhorrent, Paula Deen levels of butter) and didn't try to broil marshmallows. The end result was very tasty, and very greasy. So... much... butter. It had a candied pecan topping and lots of brown sugar. I think I'll cut the butter in half next time.


Maury Povich: Still The most Horrible Man Alive

This one is pretty depressing. Watch the progress of the recessions by county!

Now we're all sad. Let's have some 5 Second Films to liven things up!


Family Arcade

Professional Opinion

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