Friday, October 15, 2010

But where did I go?

You may have noticed that I haven't been updating my blog here for the past month. Well, I've been working on another project, and that's another blog!

Certainly Motivated! A Blog about comics, culture, and my random thoughts. This blog here will pretty much be abandoned, but everything interesting that I was doing with it will move over to Certainly Motivated. I'll still have pictures and web-videos, but there will also be article style updates as well. So whoever is following me here, just switch over and follow me there.

Love ya!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Last post of August - So long summer!

August has gone by so fast that I've forgotten to post about it. Sorry for the lack of updates.

I watched Scott Pilgrim a second time, this time with friends. It was just as enjoyable the second viewing, and I'm glad I avoided watching trailers for this movie. Two of my favourite gags would have been ruined by a trailer that featured half of a scene. I hate how trailers do that.

Over the last two weeks I've been working and trying to get things sorted out for the next school year. I sold my Magic Cards to a guy from work, and that money helped me buy my gift to myself for a successful summer: 5.1 surround computer speakers and a 27” HD Viewsonic monitor.

I wanted to have a top-of-the-line monitor for once, so I spoiled myself. And when I saw how well it worked with my games, I soiled myself. I started playing Half Life 2 with the entire system, and it's amazing. In the beginning of the game you're wandering around a city with no weapons, but you can still pick things up and throw them. There I was running around throwing bottles at soldiers and then running away, and I could hear their footsteps behind me as I ducked around corners. Good times.

One of the highlights of my work week was when we drove out to Epcor's Genesse power plant. There was a stretch of road about half a kilometer long, and about seven metres wide that we needed to treat. Since one swatch is between four and five metres, it would have taken a long time to drive over the whole thing twice, even with me spraying while Logan drove. So I fulfilled a dream that I've been nourishing since I started work. I looped both hoses around my torso, gunslinger style, and dual wielded both spray guns. It's a lot harder than it looks, especially when using the left arm. But I looked totally awesome. Our safetay watch called me Rambo. Awesome.

Snack Time


Hot Kool-Aid

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Batman, Edmonton, and Space Ghost

I'll just start you off with an amazing webseries that I recently discovered: How to, Batman!

There's a whole lot of these things, and their each brilliant in their simplicity.

I watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World on one of my rain days this week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was bizzare, funny, and spastic. Even though I wasn't a fan of the books, I loved this movie.

Have you ever enjoyed a trailer and then watched a movie, and the movie was terrible because the person who edited the trailer had a better sense of comedic timing than the editor of the movie? Not the case here. The ENTIRE movie is cut as energetically as a trailer, and even more so in key moments. If you liked the trailer, WATCH THIS MOVIE. If this trailer gave you an urge to shoo neighborhood children from your lawn, avoid this movie.

On Saturday we had our work barbecue at the Edmonton Capitals/Tuscon Toros game. The Capitals lost, but I got to see my bosses drunk and I discovered that the Edmonton Capitals mascot looks exactly like Space Ghost.

My research seems to indicate the the Cap's mascot's name is “Razzle,” which is pretty lame. Dude, he's a super hero. Just call him “Captain Edmonton.” Or “The Capitalist.”

I attended Theo's Missionary farewell tour in Sherwood Park today. He's off to Colorado Springs Colorado for two years. Bye, Theo!

And for good measure, here's a video that Janice sent me. Exquisite in its subtlety.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In which I refer to cardboard as "she"

I dropped the atomic clock that I bought in Georgia a few years back. It broke. All of the numbers stopped working but the eerie green back light is on permanently. Or at least until it runs out of atoms. Fortunately, none of the atoms leaked out so I didn't have to notify Environment Canada. I'll miss that clock. It's been with me through good times and bad, and it also told the temperature.

Last week for work I drove around the small towns near Edmonton. The giant sausage statue was still in Mundare, but there was also a nice new archway leading to main street. I tried some of the local garlic beef jerky, which was quite good. According to Anna, you can't get that stuff in Edmonton, so I may have to make some sort of garlic related pilgrimage later this year. Possibly after my dinosaur related pilgrimage to Jurassic Forest.

My internet was down from Friday until this afternoon. It really made me stop and wonder how I had fun before 1997. So for my day off I cataloged all of my Magic: The Gathering cards. I figured that my most valuable card would be my rare foil Serra Angel. Back when I started playing Serra angel was pretty much the coolest card ever, and the guys at Wizards of the Coast were like totally even thinking about not putting her in the core set because she was like too powerful for five mana and it was like-

So now the card has been bumped from rare to uncommon status and nobody wants it. Magic makes me feel OLD.

Couldn't find any really good vids this week. Sry.

Monday, August 2, 2010

But what if the dream... was in the Matrix?

Last week I had to take a chair back to Ikea. At Ikea you take a number for service at the Exchanges and Returns desk. I had number ten and had been waiting about fifteen minutes, when suddenly both return desks changes numbers at the same time, fizzled for a moment, and skipped over ten. Dude! Not really knowing procedure, I just walked over and frantically yelped “my number was skipped” to anyone that would listen. One of the attendants spotted me and, with a sorrowful nod, said that I would be right after twelve. I must have looked pretty upset, because she gave quite a sincere apology when I made it to the return desk.

“I'm really sorry about that. Thanks for your patience.” To let her know I wasn't scandalized in the slightest, I responded with “That's okay. We're actually in the Matrix and someone is trying to erase me from existence, so it's not your fault.” She laughed at that, and when she went to scan my chair into the system, she had to type the number in manually because the scanner wasn't working. “Wow, they really have it in for you.” “Yeah, I'm about to reveal a whole bunch of conspiracies. I'm getting thwarted at every turn.” With my chair successfully returned I went to go upstairs for an Ikea breakfast, but the restaurant was undergoing renovation, and only serving cold items. No breakfast.

Immediately, I became slightly paranoid.

Then I saw Inception. That didn't help ease my paranoia.

There seems to be a mosquito invasion in the city. Normally I only put bug spray on if I'm working in the forest, but I had to apply it three times today and I still got bit on the elbows.

I hate pine trees. I hate them so very very much. They mess up your lawn, and now they're spraying crap all over my car. I spent almost two hours today trying to clean pine goop off of my car. I was mostly successful, but there are some stain lines that may need a different chemical for treatment.

Last Friday had a pretty lousy start to the day. One of the guys went to get some bug-spray from the workshop cabinet, and someone had precariously balanced a can of bear spray in there the night before, so it fell out, landed on its cap, broke, and sprayed the entire contents of the bottle all over the shop. Bear spray is HORRIBLE. I spent a couple minutes inside getting my gear on, thinking I could just man my way through the acrid fog, but after a few minutes I started dry heaving pretty bad. Then I remembered that I had a respirator in my locker. Wow, the respirator that I hated so much in the past came in handy for once.

Bethany was in town for the weekend, and we caught up over dinner at Earls. One of the songs that was playing in the background was Datarock's “Fa Fa Fa.” I was surprised to hear it because it gets no radio play, and among Datarock's music it's really the only disco-influenced one they've put out (that I know of).

Mann, I love that song. I wish the rest of their music had that level of funktitude.

Test Notes


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer continuously continues to continue unabated.

We've been getting a lot of rain in town, but fortunately for me it's been mostly late afternoons and nights. Last week We went to treat a yard that had overgrown with weeds and... lettuce? The customer was there to show us around, and she had let her lettuce plants go to seed, so there was lettuce sprouting all over he lawn. She picked most of it, then said that I could have the rest. Hey, free, fresh lettuce!

When we treat public schools, we spray about a foot from the base of the entire school. When you do this your brain pretty much goes on auto pilot because it's about 15 minutes of walking slowly and working the backpack pump. I pretty much stare at the ground when I do this so that I can maintain a good distance from the school, but as I was walking and staring at the ground I walked forehead-first into a window-mounted air conditioner.


Hard to believe this is the last week of July. This month has gone by really fast.

My Best Friend

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer continues to continue unabated

Another week of summer work. I had a rain day on Monday and I managed to get a few chores done. It was pretty warm out this week. I had a few days at work where I was treating all the public schools in Sherwood Park, so I was wearing the spray-backpack. These things aren't designed with ANY sort of human comfort in mind, and when I got home after a day of wearing it I looked in the mirror and saw really weird bumps on my shoulders where the straps would sit. They weren't bruises, but they definitely didn't look very healthy.

I'm working on decorating my room with my old Transformers comics. They reprinted one of the series in trade paperback, so the issues I have aren't worth anything, so I'm taking them apart and putting the up on my wall. I'll put a picture up when it's done.

The World Cup is finally over. Here's some videos to send it off in style.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Eat it before it eats you!

Happy Canada Day and America day to all! I had a pretty good week. Unexpectedly, everyone at work got Friday through Sunday off, so I was able to stay up late on Canada Day. I had the weekend to shop for furniture and decorate my room. I can't find a good computer chair (lumbar support messes up my back. Yeah, I know), but I did manage to find a decent rug to put under my computer desk.

Went to a few interesting places around Alberta for work this week, including Lamont and the bustling metropolis of Calmar. I wonder what it's like to live in a town that size. It's probably very quiet and very boring. I like living in the middle of the city.

Saw Karate Kid. I liked it. I still think they should have gone with my title, “The Fresh Prince of Beijing.” Maybe they'll use that for the sequel.

Found a recipe for a completely disgusting entree: roasted chestburster!

It's basically a pork loin wrapped in ham with a mouth cut into the end (with spaghetti teeth). I want to create some sort of international incident with this dish. Like, serve it at a "Nations of the world" heritage dinner at a community league and tell people it's a traditional food of my people. And when they ask me what nationality I am I'll just look them in the eye and say “exactly.”

Hey, does the guy in this video remind anybody else of Eldon? I'm posting it because it gave me the best laugh I've had all month at the 56 second mark.

Man, that guy went the extra mile for a good sight gag. Arturo Trejo, I salute you.

Another Ruined Dinner

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer continues unabated

June has been making up for May's rain with my having an average of 11 hour days all week. Today was my longest day yet at 12.25 hours.

Theo and I have been working together doing commercial vegetation control. I don't miss wearing the full body coveralls, especially in this weather.

Last weekend I went up to Fort McMurray for Father's Day and had a great time with the whole family.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working all day

So over the last three weeks I've been moving on Sunday, working on Sunday, and was down on Sunday, so I haven't really updated. Fortunately, nothing much has happened since then.

I'm back at summer job from last year doing vegetation control. I've been doing a lot of training for industrial sites, and that means sitting through a dozen different refinery orientations. I've managed to not hit my head on the table falling asleep in any of them. It's pretty rough getting up at 5 AM, but I make enough money in the summer so that I don't need to work through the school year.

I'm all moved into my new house. My room is a lot smaller, and it has hardwood, but I have my own half-bathroom! Nice. So if there's a zombie attack, I can survive comfortably in my room for about three weeks. More if I stock some food in here.

Metal Detector

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rained out

We officially have a new house to move into! We've got the stuff signed and we're moving in next Thursday. I'm looking forward to throwing away a lit of stuff. Moving is a very cleansing process. The landlord agreed to let us move in a few days early if we mowed the lawn. Tuck and I went to the new house to clean up the yard on Saturday. We bought a new lawnmower and trimmer to work on it, and together it took us about three an a half hours to mow that overgrown jungle.

I've had a pretty strange week. The first few days went by normally enough, but then the weather turned poor and I've been off the job until it stops raining. For the last few weeks I've been wanting a rain day so that I could get some chores done, but three in a row is starting to give me cabin fever. Since I have to get up at 5:00 AM to see if weather conditions are appropriate for working. So I've been up at 5 with not much to do. I went to movies in the morning, which is a strange experience. Almost nobody is around, and I feel like I'm not supposed to be there. Eery.

I saw a bit of that “Hoarders” show on A&E. It's simultaneously fascinating and terrifying. These people have disorders that make them compulsively keep stuff. The one family has so much crap that his family had to live in a tent outside their house. It makes me feel a lot better about my two bookshelves worth of comics, magazines and novels.

Attention Shoppers

Will It Blend? - iPad Edition

Man, I love that blender guy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Jobs

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I'm completely beat by the time Sunday night rolls around. Work has gone into full swing, and I'm consistently getting to bed by 9:30 and getting up at 5:00. I'm doing a lot more industrial work this year, so that means more boring orientation videos.

We've almost finalized the paperwork for our new house. It's a great place, but the location is far too south. It's below the Whitemud, and it's too far to walk to the LRT station, so you need to take a bus before you can get to a train. Weak.

My birthday came and went, and it was great! Thanks to everyone that sent birthday wishes. You know who you are.

I've got a good full week of work ahead of me. The forecast is for 28 degrees tomorrow, and I'll be in full industrial fireproof jumpsuit. Hoo-boy.

Microsoft Office Security Feature

Street Cleaning Day

The Trash

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Week! Also my birthday.

We helped Tyra move on Thursday, and I finally ended my eight month battle with Tyra's window screen. You see, about eight month's ago Dave and I were at Tyra's and she asked if we could help put her kitchen window screen back in. She managed to get it out some how, but it wasn't going back in. We spent a few minutes trying to pry it back in, but in the end we just left the screen braced outside, so it looked like the place was in the process of getting robbed all the time.

Well, she had a bottom floor apartment, so we removed the panes from her other window to move couches and things into trucks. While a group of people left to deliver stuff to her new place, me and Cassius stayed to clean. I spent about an hour and a half trying to pry the windows back into place using a combination of simple machines. Once the rest of the group got back it took three more of us to get he windows into place. From what I can tell, the window box has warped slightly over the years, and it's lower in the middle. It's a pain to put back. So after two hours of trial, error, and crushed fingers, we finally got the windows in place. I took the knowledge that I gleaned from this experience into the kitchen and took the window apart, and put it back together with the screen in.

Besides that, the move went swimmingly. At some point we found an all 80s music station on Tyra's TV. If you clean while Pat Benetar is playing, you feel like you're in an 80s movie montage. Nice. She bought us Pizza 73.

Darren's birthday dinner was at Reb Robin's. I ordered the blue cheese buger, which was a big mistake. I thought it would be like Fargo's blue cheese burger where the cheese is cooked into the burger, but it was just sort of lumped on top. Ick. The onion rigs were good, though. After dinner we played Rock Band and watched Birdemic: Shock and Terror. About half an hour of it. It's really terrible. Almost in the “so terrible it's entertaining” vein, but not enough to sit through the whole thing. We fast forwarded a lot.

Free comic book day was on Saturday. By the time I got off work and got to West Ed, all the Free Comic Book Day books were gone, but they had a bunch of overstock comics they were giving away. That's nice of them. Also, Marvel Essentials were only $6 (!!!!) and they had a few longboxes of trade paperbacks for ½ off. I bought a few. This week my comic haul was four Marvel Essentials, Hulk Vol. 1, and Aztec: The Ultimate Man. Wicked sweet.

I was brutally tired Saturday night, so I went to bed at 9:45 PM. I woke up at 2:00 AM completely wired. I watched 30Rock on my computer until 7:30, and then I made myself a big plate of nachos. At 9 AM I started getting sleepy, but I decided that I would stay awake all day to help reset my sleep cycle. To help that along, I drank a litre of Dr Pepper to get me through church. That was painful but it worked. Sunday night Ange brought over cupcakes because it's her birthday.

Oh, it's also my birthday this month, in case anyone wanted to to shower me with love and devotion.

For the Last Time... Don't Eat my Muffins!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Week of Class Part 2

My finals went by decently enough. Ten minutes into my Project Lead final I had a massive hayfever attack and could barely focus my eyes for two of the three hours I was doing the final. So my classes are over, but it will be a few weeks before I know my final marks.

On Thursday Jamie, Blae and myself went to the Airport Museum to volunteer for the Read-A-Reader fundraiser. We moved boxes of books and set up tables from three to six, and then we went to Blae's for D&D. We ordered pizza from New York pizza, and we decided that we'll never do that again. The pizza is decent, but the prices are terrible. Their “extra large” pizza is twelve inches. Weak. I do not recommend New York Pizza. Chicago Deep Dish is still the best deal in the city.

On Friday I went back to the book fair for the volunteer pre-sale. I picked up James Clavell's Shogun, The Heir to the Empire Trology, and the unabridged Mark Twain, because I've never read any Mark twain and I had volunteer vouchers, so why not, eh?

On Saturday I finally made it to Graham's for the Star Wars game session. For some reason Graham was cleaning out his fridge and he needed to go thrugh an entire block of cheese, so we had three mountainous plates of nachos. I ate myself sick. I can't recall a time when there has been free cheese in front of me and I haven't eaten it. All that salty cheese made me thirsty, so I also had three cans of Dr Pepper. I don't think I fell asleep until long after 2:00 that morning.

All in all, a great week to finish my third year of University. Next week, summer job!

Iron Man Vs Hugh Grant

Courteous Driver

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Week of Class Part 1

It's the last week of classes for me and as of Tuesday four of five of my major projects will be handed in. My HTML project isn't due until exam week, so I've got a bit of buffer there.

On Thursday the weather started out fine, so I wore short sleeves and no jacket to school in the AM. By the time I left school to my my folks in South Common it was snowing, and I went right from South Common to downtown to see my friends. By the time I got to my car at 11:00, my car was covered in a layer of ice, we had snow and southern Alberta levels of wind, and I was in short sleeves. Nights like that build character, I suppose.

Gentleman Caller

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Train Your Titans

Sorry about the lack up updates. Sunday night just isn't a good night to write. I think I'll move to a Friday update schedule.

Over the last two weeks I saw How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans. Dragon was pretty good. I would say it's Dreamwork's second best animated feature to date. The first being Antz. Antz rocked. Clash was... decent. You must turn your brain off and turn it off HARD, and then it's an enjoyable experience. A warning, though. The purported 3D of Clash of the Titans was added completely in post production, so don't waste your money on it. 2D is fine.

Classes are going well. I'm doing great in HTML, decent in my Project Lead and Screenwriting, and passing (hopefully, two assignments aren't back yet) my Rhetoric course.

I managed to go the entire month of March without driving to school. I lent my car to Janice for a couple weeks while her car was in the shop. So I saved a bunch of money and I got a lot more exercise walking to the bus stops and the grocery store. You buy a LOT less food when you have to carry it home.

Stuntmen For Hire

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gnom nom nom

Hey Superman, how did your laser vision correction surgery go?

Oh dear.

On my last trip to the dentist it was determined that I require a mouth guard. Getting fitted for one is a fairly terrible process, because you pretty much have a giant wad of plaster of paris in your mouth for ten minutes. Try not to swallow! Ick. But I got my mouth guard on Monday, so hopefully I won't grind my molars into oblivion. Also, they let me keep the cast that they made of my mouth. It's sitting on top of my computer now. I think I should keep it around for a while. What if I lose part of my jaw and they need to re-build it? They'll have a model to work with now.

Besides that, I've just been doing homework all week.

And the Winner Is...

Hey, remember Murray from "Flight of the Conchords?" He's in an HP commercial.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gnarly to the max

I went in for my laser surgery on Friday. The procedure itself only takes about ten minutes. They numb your eye, prop it open, cut a little layer loose and then zap it. It's not particularly comfortable, but you can't see or feel the laser. You can, however, smell the layer of flesh that's being burnt away by the laser. That's... unsettling. I'm taking four kinds of eye drops a day until Wednesday.

So far I'm healing well. I'm almost to 20/20 vision, but I occasionally get a bit of vertigo when I look all the way down the street, see clearly, and then realize that I'm not wearing glasses. By brain is still going “HOW CAN THIS BEEEE?” I still reach up to my nose to adjust glasses instinctively at times.

The aftercare for getting laser surgery says to avoid getting shampoo or chemicals in your eyes, so I've simply just not showered or shaved since Friday morning. Also, I started combing my hair back to see what would happen, and now it's in a giant poof that I can't remedy. This brings us to church this morning. I walk in wearing sunglasses (eyes still a bit sensitive to light, and there are windows everywhere in that building), three day stubble and Kramer hair. I look like a complete spaz and I head to the back just hoping to not get noticed. The second I sit down one of the counselors zeroes directly in on me and asks me to say opening prayer. Geez, thanks. I'm not taking my sunglasses off for prayer, it's bright in there and they had just adjusted the rows so that the podium faces the windows.

So I guess in the end I delivered the most totally radical prayer of my life. The content was the same as a normal prayer but I had a starter mullet and was wearing sunglasses indoors.

Elder Dan Lokhorst, First Quorum of the 80s. [Insert CSI: Miami YEEEEEEEAH!]

The Dark Knight with Laurel and Hardy

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Suicide Prevention Week!

Or as most non-students call it, reading week.

I went for a laser eye surgery evaluation on Tuesday. In the waiting room they had cookies and drinks to take. What followed is actually a fairly accurate snapshot of my decision making process:

Hmm. I've been waiting here for about ten minutes now. I've already had two cookies. I really want some more, but I don't want to open and close that cookie tin again and again. Maybe I don't need anymore. But they're really good and I haven't had lunch yet. Oh man, cookies. I've finished my glass of water, but that didn't satiate my desire cookies. Maybe I shouldn't have any more. No, I love cookies. But what if they call me right away? It's been eleven minutes? Okay, plan is, I'll take two cookies, eat them quickly, and those will be my last. *reaches into jar and grabs two cookies* Daniel? AAAH!! She called me and I'm touching two cookies! I can't stuff both in my mouth, I'll look like a crazy person! I can't put them back, she saw me touching them! She's staring right at me! I know! Stuff them in the empty glass of water and come back for them later! Yes! BRILLIANT!

And they were still there after my final consultation. Boo yeah. Also I'm a candidate for laser eye surgery.

Russ and I went to the Alberta Gallery of Art. For culture! Delicious, syrupy culture! Apparently the Art Gallery on Churchill Square was partially devoured by a technorganic amoeba while I was in Georgia for two years. Here were the exhibits.

Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion

We discovered that if you take the paintings of ballerinas stretching on the poles and look at them sideways they look like... other kinds of dancers. That use poles. Ahem. We also had all sorts of smart-alec comments for everything.

“Maybe these lumpy bronze casts are actual photo-realistic depictions of how people looked back then. Yeah, all his painting are women coming out of the bathtub. You never see them going in the bathtub. They've got a three in thick layer of mud on them. That's why they take so many baths.”

Francisco Goya

Paintings and stuff.

Karsh: Image maker

Hey, did you know that every single famous portrait you have ever seen in your life was done by an immigrant named Karsh? Struth, mate. Check it out.

The Murder of Crows by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Neat setup. It was a whole bunch of chairs set up in a circle with about 50 speakers placed around the room (some of the chairs) and an old timey record player horn for a centrepiece. Each speaker had a different audio track, so sometimes you would hear footsteps or birds or whatever from different locations. It was awesome.

The Rain Room

I can't find any evidence of this exhibit on the AGA website or on google, but trust me, it exists, and it's pretty cool. It's a recreation of a tiny dentist's office from Japan, and when you stand inside it there is rain on the windows, and thunder and lightning. Also there is a fan in the room that randomly turns on and off. Cool.

So now I'm cultured! Hooray for me! I'll get a non-prescription monocle once my laser eye surgery is done.

Batman's Greatest Team-Up was with... Zellers?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Name that song!

I had a song go through my head the other day. It was played on the modern rock station a lot last summer. It was really catchy and had a funky bass line, but the only thing I can remember about it is that the chorus went “I'm still in love, yeah I'm still in love with you.” Have you ever tried to find a song based on those lyrics? Egad. Every R&B song ever written has those lyrics.

Went out to dinner with mom and dad on Friday. Oddly enough, there was something wrong with every single stage of our dinner. First off, drinks. Dad orders a soda water and he gets a tonic water. There is a difference. Next, our appetizer never got ordered to the kitchen so it was late. Third, dad's salad was frozen. Yes, a frozen salad. I have no idea how. Then mom orders a medium rare steak and it was beyond rare. I've never had that much go wrong at a restaurant in a single evening. The manager came out an apologized and gave us free desert.

The city came and plowed our cul-de-sac. Curse their leathery hides. We had a perfectly solid street of snow. The plow simply tore up everything and put a two foot line of compressed ice crap in front of our house directly where we park on the street. I spent 45 minutes trying to dig a path to park.

I found my car on google maps street view! Suddenly realized that I was working at Green Oasis that summer that the street view car was going on. And there it was! And in honour of that, here's how Google Maps Street view is made:

Self Hatred

Fruit Slam! (With Director's Commentary)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

If whales have no fingers can they still give high fives?

I'm sure that's Photoshopped, but I love that picture.

Volunteered at the Future of Story conference at MacEwan on Friday and Saturday. That was a lot of fun. Attended a panel by comic book writer Andre Foley and BioWare game designer, Michael Laidlaw. Pretty cool.

HTML class is going well. It's quickly becoming my favourite class. I know enough about HTML to feel smug, but I'm learning enough to feel like I'm not wasting my time. Solid. We made tables in DreamWeaver this week. TABLES! I remember back in 98 when I made that Redwall FanFiction page. I made those tables by hand. HAND, darnit. In Dreamweaver it's no trouble at all.

Yes, I had a Redwall Fan Fiction page. In fact, it's still embarrassingly operational. I think only my friend Russell would remember that web page. In fact, I dearly hope that Russell is the only one that remembers that web page.

Best 5SFs of the week!

Rent Time

Like Kobe, Or California

Monday, February 1, 2010

On Wednesday I spent four hours in the library trying to finish a project for Thursday. It was particularly frustrated while working on it because half of the things in the assignment sheet I couldn't remember going over in class, so I just looked them up in the textbook. When I got to class the next day it turns out it wasn't due for another three weeks. And on that same day I spent the only time I had between classes trying to get my readings done for one class, only to find out that I had read the right chapter but in the wrong textbook (we have three in that class).

Missed Friday forum because I had a meeting for a group project. I'm glad I only have four classes this term because that one class is almost equal to two of last terms classes.

Tried Wii Sports Resort at Curtis and Heather's place on Friday. That sword game is pretty cool. It's nice that after three years Nintendo has the Wii working properly.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laser! In the eye! Arg!

Not much to report this week. I got a nail in my tire and got it fixed at Costco. I finished the box of Dutch Chocolate sprinkles.

In our project leadership class we had an exercise where we make resumes and hand them into the teacher. From those resumes the teacher chooses six team leaders, and those team leaders take the rest of the resumes and chooses their teams. These resumes don't have our real names on them, so that there's no favoritism and you pick a team based on the resume and not on your friends. On Tuesday the team leaders picked out their teams from all the resumes, plus four people that weren't at the first class and didn't even have resumes. I was picked dead last. The four “wild cards” got picked over me. Sigh. At least I was dead last. Being second last wouldn't even have been a good story. Oddly enough, my team ended up being four people that are friends anyway.

Played laser-tag on Saturday for Jamie's birthday. I discovered a really great strategy. It's called “don't loudly announce that you've run out of ammo and then ask people not to shoot you.” Seriously people, if you just aim at me it's enough to scare me off. Shouting, “Dang it! I'm out of ammo. Dan, don't shoot me I'm out of ammo!” just encourages me.
Also, there should be a rule that allows pistol whipping of obnoxious twelve-year-olds. Not just in laser tag, I mean. Like, everywhere. It should be legal everywhere to hit an obnoxious twelve-year-old across the face with the butt end of a rifle. Especially those that cover their laser-receptors with their hands.

Freakin' twelve-year-olds.

New Product From Yatsubuchi Industries! Butter Water!

You know what? I just made up “yatsubushi” because it sounded Japanese. I put it into Google and it's close enough to “yatsubuchi” which is an actual word. I think it means waterfall. Duuuuuude. It's like I've got POWERS.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Return of the Blog!

I am back from my Festivus Hiat-ivus. Hiatus. Whatever. Basically I haven't updated a family letter for three or so weeks because I've either been sitting around doing nothing all day or playing violent video games. Wait, those are the same thing! Except for the fact that playing BioShock for four hours increases my testosterone and makes me feel very violent. Doing *absolutely* nothing for four hours just makes me... despondent.

Christmas Highlights!

My dad got the entire Planet Earth series on Blu-Ray. The next day we hit up the boxing day sales to buy a Blu-Ray player so that we could watch them. Mom said it was an "accident" but I'm pretty sure she just wanted to get the most mileage out of that 1080p monster that they have in the basement. Well played, mother.

Post Christmas Highlights!

We went to Victoria, BC to see my grandparents on my dad's side. It was nice to get out of the cold for a bit. We enjoyed the many Dutch sweets that they had for us, my perennial favourite being the Dutch Sprinkles.

The dark chocolate ones are the best. I eat them right out of the box, like some sort of animal. Some sort of well trained animal that eats things out of boxes.

New Years Eve Highlights!

My girlfriend and I were going to see the lights at the Legislature, but it was about -40 with the wind chill, so we just stayed inside and watched MASH. She has the whole series on DVD.

First Week of School Highlights!

Classes so far have been interesting. Project Lead looks like a lot of work, Screenwriting 2 looks like a lot o fun, and HTML for writers looks really useful. Out first day we made a blog on Blogspot. Heh. Maybe I'll post the link to mine later.

Overall Holiday Results!

I'm very relaxed from my vacation. Too relaxed, in fact. I've completely fallen out of my exercise routine and have been eating junk food non stop, so I've gained about 10 pounds, all of which has gone to my jiggly gut. Time to get back into shape, pronto-saurus.

The Number One Thing I Didn't Need To Hear From My Mother Over The Holidays But It Explains So Much!

"You see, back when we were raising you, it wasn't common knowledge that shaking a baby was bad for it."

Wow. In honour of that, here are some baby-related 5 Second Films

Mommy Knows Best


Magic Show Volunteer

Reckless Relative

Yes, Dad and Janice. I know you hated these videos. Too bad.