Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Suicide Prevention Week!

Or as most non-students call it, reading week.

I went for a laser eye surgery evaluation on Tuesday. In the waiting room they had cookies and drinks to take. What followed is actually a fairly accurate snapshot of my decision making process:

Hmm. I've been waiting here for about ten minutes now. I've already had two cookies. I really want some more, but I don't want to open and close that cookie tin again and again. Maybe I don't need anymore. But they're really good and I haven't had lunch yet. Oh man, cookies. I've finished my glass of water, but that didn't satiate my desire cookies. Maybe I shouldn't have any more. No, I love cookies. But what if they call me right away? It's been eleven minutes? Okay, plan is, I'll take two cookies, eat them quickly, and those will be my last. *reaches into jar and grabs two cookies* Daniel? AAAH!! She called me and I'm touching two cookies! I can't stuff both in my mouth, I'll look like a crazy person! I can't put them back, she saw me touching them! She's staring right at me! I know! Stuff them in the empty glass of water and come back for them later! Yes! BRILLIANT!

And they were still there after my final consultation. Boo yeah. Also I'm a candidate for laser eye surgery.

Russ and I went to the Alberta Gallery of Art. For culture! Delicious, syrupy culture! Apparently the Art Gallery on Churchill Square was partially devoured by a technorganic amoeba while I was in Georgia for two years. Here were the exhibits.

Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion

We discovered that if you take the paintings of ballerinas stretching on the poles and look at them sideways they look like... other kinds of dancers. That use poles. Ahem. We also had all sorts of smart-alec comments for everything.

“Maybe these lumpy bronze casts are actual photo-realistic depictions of how people looked back then. Yeah, all his painting are women coming out of the bathtub. You never see them going in the bathtub. They've got a three in thick layer of mud on them. That's why they take so many baths.”

Francisco Goya

Paintings and stuff.

Karsh: Image maker

Hey, did you know that every single famous portrait you have ever seen in your life was done by an immigrant named Karsh? Struth, mate. Check it out.

The Murder of Crows by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Neat setup. It was a whole bunch of chairs set up in a circle with about 50 speakers placed around the room (some of the chairs) and an old timey record player horn for a centrepiece. Each speaker had a different audio track, so sometimes you would hear footsteps or birds or whatever from different locations. It was awesome.

The Rain Room

I can't find any evidence of this exhibit on the AGA website or on google, but trust me, it exists, and it's pretty cool. It's a recreation of a tiny dentist's office from Japan, and when you stand inside it there is rain on the windows, and thunder and lightning. Also there is a fan in the room that randomly turns on and off. Cool.

So now I'm cultured! Hooray for me! I'll get a non-prescription monocle once my laser eye surgery is done.

Batman's Greatest Team-Up was with... Zellers?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Name that song!

I had a song go through my head the other day. It was played on the modern rock station a lot last summer. It was really catchy and had a funky bass line, but the only thing I can remember about it is that the chorus went “I'm still in love, yeah I'm still in love with you.” Have you ever tried to find a song based on those lyrics? Egad. Every R&B song ever written has those lyrics.

Went out to dinner with mom and dad on Friday. Oddly enough, there was something wrong with every single stage of our dinner. First off, drinks. Dad orders a soda water and he gets a tonic water. There is a difference. Next, our appetizer never got ordered to the kitchen so it was late. Third, dad's salad was frozen. Yes, a frozen salad. I have no idea how. Then mom orders a medium rare steak and it was beyond rare. I've never had that much go wrong at a restaurant in a single evening. The manager came out an apologized and gave us free desert.

The city came and plowed our cul-de-sac. Curse their leathery hides. We had a perfectly solid street of snow. The plow simply tore up everything and put a two foot line of compressed ice crap in front of our house directly where we park on the street. I spent 45 minutes trying to dig a path to park.

I found my car on google maps street view! Suddenly realized that I was working at Green Oasis that summer that the street view car was going on. And there it was! And in honour of that, here's how Google Maps Street view is made:

Self Hatred

Fruit Slam! (With Director's Commentary)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

If whales have no fingers can they still give high fives?

I'm sure that's Photoshopped, but I love that picture.

Volunteered at the Future of Story conference at MacEwan on Friday and Saturday. That was a lot of fun. Attended a panel by comic book writer Andre Foley and BioWare game designer, Michael Laidlaw. Pretty cool.

HTML class is going well. It's quickly becoming my favourite class. I know enough about HTML to feel smug, but I'm learning enough to feel like I'm not wasting my time. Solid. We made tables in DreamWeaver this week. TABLES! I remember back in 98 when I made that Redwall FanFiction page. I made those tables by hand. HAND, darnit. In Dreamweaver it's no trouble at all.

Yes, I had a Redwall Fan Fiction page. In fact, it's still embarrassingly operational. I think only my friend Russell would remember that web page. In fact, I dearly hope that Russell is the only one that remembers that web page.

Best 5SFs of the week!

Rent Time

Like Kobe, Or California

Monday, February 1, 2010

On Wednesday I spent four hours in the library trying to finish a project for Thursday. It was particularly frustrated while working on it because half of the things in the assignment sheet I couldn't remember going over in class, so I just looked them up in the textbook. When I got to class the next day it turns out it wasn't due for another three weeks. And on that same day I spent the only time I had between classes trying to get my readings done for one class, only to find out that I had read the right chapter but in the wrong textbook (we have three in that class).

Missed Friday forum because I had a meeting for a group project. I'm glad I only have four classes this term because that one class is almost equal to two of last terms classes.

Tried Wii Sports Resort at Curtis and Heather's place on Friday. That sword game is pretty cool. It's nice that after three years Nintendo has the Wii working properly.