Sunday, February 7, 2010

If whales have no fingers can they still give high fives?

I'm sure that's Photoshopped, but I love that picture.

Volunteered at the Future of Story conference at MacEwan on Friday and Saturday. That was a lot of fun. Attended a panel by comic book writer Andre Foley and BioWare game designer, Michael Laidlaw. Pretty cool.

HTML class is going well. It's quickly becoming my favourite class. I know enough about HTML to feel smug, but I'm learning enough to feel like I'm not wasting my time. Solid. We made tables in DreamWeaver this week. TABLES! I remember back in 98 when I made that Redwall FanFiction page. I made those tables by hand. HAND, darnit. In Dreamweaver it's no trouble at all.

Yes, I had a Redwall Fan Fiction page. In fact, it's still embarrassingly operational. I think only my friend Russell would remember that web page. In fact, I dearly hope that Russell is the only one that remembers that web page.

Best 5SFs of the week!

Rent Time

Like Kobe, Or California


  1. What... no link to your Redwall Fanfic Page?

  2. He had a lot to do with writing or perhaps Being One Who Writes. The subject being the qualifier. And perhaps a bludgeon, or blunt heavy tapering stick, or a nightstick, was involved.

  3. Duuuuhhuude!! The link from your's to mine still works. All these other club vestiges must be ancient, buried deep in the caches of web history. Man, missions and pass along stories. No kids do that these days, or they hide it better from their peers. It's like I still remember the random sense of accomplishment from things I did with vivid imaginary online interactions. All the girl characters were probably guys. -Russell (Runn Lotter)

  4. I'll post it next week. I'm stoked that Russ was able to find it. Did you Google it based on my old screen name? That's what I had to do to find it.

    I'll write up a big piece on the history of my online screen names sometime.

    Hey Deepthoat, do I know you in RL? If not, it's pretty cool that someone I've never met actually reads my blog. :)