Monday, February 1, 2010

On Wednesday I spent four hours in the library trying to finish a project for Thursday. It was particularly frustrated while working on it because half of the things in the assignment sheet I couldn't remember going over in class, so I just looked them up in the textbook. When I got to class the next day it turns out it wasn't due for another three weeks. And on that same day I spent the only time I had between classes trying to get my readings done for one class, only to find out that I had read the right chapter but in the wrong textbook (we have three in that class).

Missed Friday forum because I had a meeting for a group project. I'm glad I only have four classes this term because that one class is almost equal to two of last terms classes.

Tried Wii Sports Resort at Curtis and Heather's place on Friday. That sword game is pretty cool. It's nice that after three years Nintendo has the Wii working properly.

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