Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Train Your Titans

Sorry about the lack up updates. Sunday night just isn't a good night to write. I think I'll move to a Friday update schedule.

Over the last two weeks I saw How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans. Dragon was pretty good. I would say it's Dreamwork's second best animated feature to date. The first being Antz. Antz rocked. Clash was... decent. You must turn your brain off and turn it off HARD, and then it's an enjoyable experience. A warning, though. The purported 3D of Clash of the Titans was added completely in post production, so don't waste your money on it. 2D is fine.

Classes are going well. I'm doing great in HTML, decent in my Project Lead and Screenwriting, and passing (hopefully, two assignments aren't back yet) my Rhetoric course.

I managed to go the entire month of March without driving to school. I lent my car to Janice for a couple weeks while her car was in the shop. So I saved a bunch of money and I got a lot more exercise walking to the bus stops and the grocery store. You buy a LOT less food when you have to carry it home.

Stuntmen For Hire

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  1. I actually really, really enjoyed that video.