Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working all day

So over the last three weeks I've been moving on Sunday, working on Sunday, and was down on Sunday, so I haven't really updated. Fortunately, nothing much has happened since then.

I'm back at summer job from last year doing vegetation control. I've been doing a lot of training for industrial sites, and that means sitting through a dozen different refinery orientations. I've managed to not hit my head on the table falling asleep in any of them. It's pretty rough getting up at 5 AM, but I make enough money in the summer so that I don't need to work through the school year.

I'm all moved into my new house. My room is a lot smaller, and it has hardwood, but I have my own half-bathroom! Nice. So if there's a zombie attack, I can survive comfortably in my room for about three weeks. More if I stock some food in here.

Metal Detector

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