Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer continues to continue unabated

Another week of summer work. I had a rain day on Monday and I managed to get a few chores done. It was pretty warm out this week. I had a few days at work where I was treating all the public schools in Sherwood Park, so I was wearing the spray-backpack. These things aren't designed with ANY sort of human comfort in mind, and when I got home after a day of wearing it I looked in the mirror and saw really weird bumps on my shoulders where the straps would sit. They weren't bruises, but they definitely didn't look very healthy.

I'm working on decorating my room with my old Transformers comics. They reprinted one of the series in trade paperback, so the issues I have aren't worth anything, so I'm taking them apart and putting the up on my wall. I'll put a picture up when it's done.

The World Cup is finally over. Here's some videos to send it off in style.

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