Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer continuously continues to continue unabated.

We've been getting a lot of rain in town, but fortunately for me it's been mostly late afternoons and nights. Last week We went to treat a yard that had overgrown with weeds and... lettuce? The customer was there to show us around, and she had let her lettuce plants go to seed, so there was lettuce sprouting all over he lawn. She picked most of it, then said that I could have the rest. Hey, free, fresh lettuce!

When we treat public schools, we spray about a foot from the base of the entire school. When you do this your brain pretty much goes on auto pilot because it's about 15 minutes of walking slowly and working the backpack pump. I pretty much stare at the ground when I do this so that I can maintain a good distance from the school, but as I was walking and staring at the ground I walked forehead-first into a window-mounted air conditioner.


Hard to believe this is the last week of July. This month has gone by really fast.

My Best Friend


  1. Do I have the parts of speech right for the title of your blog?

    Summer (noun) continuously (adverb) continues (verb) to continue (infinitive) unabated (adjective).
    This is a great, I'm going to use it at work.

  2. Oh wait...I think unabated is an adverb for continues.