Monday, August 9, 2010

In which I refer to cardboard as "she"

I dropped the atomic clock that I bought in Georgia a few years back. It broke. All of the numbers stopped working but the eerie green back light is on permanently. Or at least until it runs out of atoms. Fortunately, none of the atoms leaked out so I didn't have to notify Environment Canada. I'll miss that clock. It's been with me through good times and bad, and it also told the temperature.

Last week for work I drove around the small towns near Edmonton. The giant sausage statue was still in Mundare, but there was also a nice new archway leading to main street. I tried some of the local garlic beef jerky, which was quite good. According to Anna, you can't get that stuff in Edmonton, so I may have to make some sort of garlic related pilgrimage later this year. Possibly after my dinosaur related pilgrimage to Jurassic Forest.

My internet was down from Friday until this afternoon. It really made me stop and wonder how I had fun before 1997. So for my day off I cataloged all of my Magic: The Gathering cards. I figured that my most valuable card would be my rare foil Serra Angel. Back when I started playing Serra angel was pretty much the coolest card ever, and the guys at Wizards of the Coast were like totally even thinking about not putting her in the core set because she was like too powerful for five mana and it was like-

So now the card has been bumped from rare to uncommon status and nobody wants it. Magic makes me feel OLD.

Couldn't find any really good vids this week. Sry.

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