Monday, August 30, 2010

Last post of August - So long summer!

August has gone by so fast that I've forgotten to post about it. Sorry for the lack of updates.

I watched Scott Pilgrim a second time, this time with friends. It was just as enjoyable the second viewing, and I'm glad I avoided watching trailers for this movie. Two of my favourite gags would have been ruined by a trailer that featured half of a scene. I hate how trailers do that.

Over the last two weeks I've been working and trying to get things sorted out for the next school year. I sold my Magic Cards to a guy from work, and that money helped me buy my gift to myself for a successful summer: 5.1 surround computer speakers and a 27” HD Viewsonic monitor.

I wanted to have a top-of-the-line monitor for once, so I spoiled myself. And when I saw how well it worked with my games, I soiled myself. I started playing Half Life 2 with the entire system, and it's amazing. In the beginning of the game you're wandering around a city with no weapons, but you can still pick things up and throw them. There I was running around throwing bottles at soldiers and then running away, and I could hear their footsteps behind me as I ducked around corners. Good times.

One of the highlights of my work week was when we drove out to Epcor's Genesse power plant. There was a stretch of road about half a kilometer long, and about seven metres wide that we needed to treat. Since one swatch is between four and five metres, it would have taken a long time to drive over the whole thing twice, even with me spraying while Logan drove. So I fulfilled a dream that I've been nourishing since I started work. I looped both hoses around my torso, gunslinger style, and dual wielded both spray guns. It's a lot harder than it looks, especially when using the left arm. But I looked totally awesome. Our safetay watch called me Rambo. Awesome.

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